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New Old Stock iPhone 4s without contract fails FEC

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New Old Stock iPhone 4s without contract fails FEC

I am still trying to get the three iPhone 4s I bought for my children to work.

I am slowly accepting that Sprint does not want my business, even though I do not understand why a telephone company would do that.  Regardless, I must move on.

Luckily I bought the phones after February 15th, when the new FCC unlock rules started. So Sprint now has the obligation to unlock phones in good standing.

Sprint has repeatedly tried to explain to me that the phones I bought are "postpaid phones", and not "prepaid phones".   The only difference is a note in a Sprint database somewhere.  The good thing about this is that once you own them outright Sprint now has an obligation to unlock them.

I bought the phones outright, these are not contract phones, there is no mention of any restraint on the Web-page where I bought them, nor on my receipt.  Hence I do not owe Sprint anything, and the phones should therefore be eligible for an unlock.

I have of course browsed around on this forum to see how others have approached similar problems. and found this:

FEC = "Financial Eligibility Check"

Sure enough my iPhones fail Sprints FEC check.  If you owe Sprint money you cannot come on their network nor have phones unlocked - fair enough.

But I have never been a Sprint-customer, Sprint refuses that, I have never signed any Sprint contract, I have never bought anything that mentions a contract or any obligations towards Sprint.

So Sprint I hereby ask you to do two things.

1) could you please update the FEC for my 3 iPhones, so it shows that I do not owe you anything.

2) could you please unlock my three iPhones 4s, both for domestic and international use

If the Sprint representatives who monitor this channel don't know how to, or are not able to do it, can you please direct me to the person/unit who can make this happen.

Best Regards



Re: New Old Stock iPhone 4s without contract fails FEC

I need the same thing to unlock my iPhone as am not even in us I buy the iPhone from eBay so please help me I am from Mauritius island.


Re: New Old Stock iPhone 4s without contract fails FEC

It got resolved

I filed a complain to a week ago and today a lady called and now my three iPhones can be activated on

I have activated one of them on ting allready.  For two of the phones I couldn't wait and have activated them on T-mobile using R-Sim and Jailbreak.

I am now using Sprints network, via

I did not try to get the phones unlocked while this time, since just getting the phones working on solves my problems for now.

All this have of course left a dent in my view of Sprint, it still puzzles me why they did not fix this on one of the four times I reached out to them, both via phone and this forum.

Now I hope that Sprint by itself will unlock my iPhones like Verizon has done on their iPhones, so I can use them in Europe this summer.

maybe the two iPhones on T-mobile will return to Sprint network too

Best Regards


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