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New iPhone 4S constantly "searching"


New iPhone 4S constantly "searching"

Just got a NEW iPhone 4S from eBay today. Phone is new, not a refurb & definitely not used (pristine condition). I activated it this morning at 9 AM & did all the setup & was using it to navigate via Google Maps. Near my destination, the connection dropped & it just said "Searching..." in the top left. I thought it was just the area, but on the way home it never connected.

I got home & put it on WiFi, reset the 3G radio, toggled Airplane mode. Nothing. I logged onto Sprint & switched back to my HTC & performed a factory reset on the iPhone. Now it's trying to activate, but can't get online to get carrier settings. So it worked for about 3 hours before suddenly going "offline" & will not connect to data or voice ANYWHERE within known good reception areas. I tried using iTunes & it also will not connect.

Did I get a bum unit or is there still hope? Again it's currently stuck in setup, so I can't dial or get to the main menus.



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