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No Internet Connection but Full Bar/3G


No Internet Connection but Full Bar/3G

So, this is annoying. My internet service has been down all day. I was wondering why my phone was so quiet and I haven't been receiving any of my important emails I've been waiting for. I logged into my email account from a computer and realized that I was actually receiving those emails, just not on my phone! I have full bars and it says 3G service but no apps will load and the internet will not work. I haven't even been receiving texts. I don't know the problem. I've restarted my phone several times and I tried the network reset but it keeps coming up as an error. Any suggestions? I'm getting extremely frustrated with Sprint as this has happened to me several times now and it always seems to be when I'm waiting on important emails for work!


Re: No Internet Connection but Full Bar/3G

There are some major solar flares today which can affect global communication networks.  That's all I can come up with.

I just tried my 3G and it's basically "dead" also, even though it says 3G. This has never happened to me before.

Give it a little time; it won't last but minutes to an hour or so.

EDIT: Well it sounds like they had some major fiber optic cables cut; story below:

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