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No ssn...


No ssn...

I'm a student here and looking to switch to Sprint for the iphone. I've been on Virgin Mobile for the past 3 years but I want to get the new iPhone instead. I've been told by friends that if you don't have a ssn, then you can put down a $150 (or so) deposit instead. Is this still true? Because I've tried calling to ask and I've just been told a solid no that I will not be able to join their services unless I had a ssn. If this is the case, should I just buy the iPhone unlocked and just get a simcard? (Unless this requires a ssn too?)

Thanks guys.


You can activate your own Sprint phone without giving out your social security number...However, according to the store I just would have to still provide two forms of ID and there would be a 250.00 deposit. 

I hope this adequately answers your question.





it's not an automatic $250 deposit. just have the store run your info through without ssn and see what credit class it gives you. I've even seen 3 lines approved with $0 deposit. crazier things have happened. if you need a suggestion on a store let me know. actually, private message me as i have another idea for you too.


Hey Im In Vegas I Called One Sprint Store And Bestbuy But They Say I Cant Get Start A contract Without A SSN /; What Do I Do ???? Help


I have the same question. I want to switch to Sprint for a new iPhone,but I'm currently a graduate student and I don't have SSN. Can I still get an account eligible? 

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