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PUK Code iPhone 4s


Re: PUK Code iPhone 4s

Well i have the same issue but my phone is fully unlocked and i have the same message sim locked but i really do not want to be calling anyone to get this fixed also my phone will not make phone calls or anything with out it and id really like to have it unlocked ASAP so if you can send me the code to my email address[Personal Information Removed] and tell me how to get back to where i go and type the code in to get ride of the message.    

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Re: PUK Code iPhone 4s

matthedude-PUK is Pin unlock code and is a security lock code. If you have an iPhone without an active sim and are getting this code just remove the card and leave it out of the phone. To obtain the PUK you will need to have international services enabled on your account and then the billing system will allow us to see the PUK. Call international care for help doing this - 888.226.7212.



Re: PUK Code iPhone 4s

The SIM is for GSM. Can you switch to  CDMA?

Otherwise, you call Sprint. They have the PUK code.


PUK Code iPhone 4s

I just purchased and activated an iPhone 4s today. While trying to turn on the passcode prompt to unlock the phone, I did something that made the phone sa "Locked SIM" and that I need a PUK to unlock. How do I find this number to allow my phone to fully function again?