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Problems since IOS 5.01 Upgrade


Problems since IOS 5.01 Upgrade

Since the upgrade to Apple IOS 5.01 I have been having the voicemail issue, that most folks seem to be aware of. However, I am also having 2 other majors issues that started after the upgrade. 1) My phone has be come VERY slow. I am not a heavy data user (under 1Gb a month), and now I can barely load up a simple app in less than a minute. (I mention by data speed in case folks think throttling may be an issue). I have also noticed that my battery life is horrible. I used to be able to go through the day without having to worry about charging the phone, now I have to carry my charger to work because the phone is almost out of juice by lunch time, even with little to no usage. I can't help but think all of these issues are related to the most recent IOS upgrade. I have looked into AT&T and Verizon and they don't seem to be having these issues. If Sprint is going to sell the iPhone to its customers, they need to figure out how to support the users and keep the phones working on their network. I have been with Sprint for over a decade and it they can't get the iPhone functional, I will start looking elsewhere for a service provider.


Re: Problems since IOS 5.01 Upgrade

If you're describing slow data speeds AND fast battery drain, you're describing a poor network connection.

Go to and do:

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset Network Settings

Do you have any bars (top left of screen)? Does it say "Sprint"? Does it say 3G or does it show a little circle (1x data)?

You may want to try a PRL update; see this thread:

Other things to check:

Do you have a lot of "push notifications" with frequent fetching, enabled by your apps (email, etc.)?

Are location services on all the time (arrow in upper right corner of screen)?

If you have a nearby Apple Store, you could make a Genius appointment (or walk in maybe) and they'll look it over.  You've got a 1 year warranty.


Re: Problems since IOS 5.01 Upgrade

Thanks for the reply. I am in a city with good 3G coverage and always have the 3G symbol on my phone. Sprint had walked me through the network reset and that didn't help, sadly made things worse. I may have to resort to a visit to the Apple store, but something tells me they are going to blame it on Sprint. All these issues started with the update and I have the phone since September, with no issues, so I feel like there is something there.


Re: Problems since IOS 5.01 Upgrade

I am having issues with this 5.01 update as well. I cannot move my apps. It keeps saying "Unfortunately TouchWiz home has stopped" I wiped cache partition and apps cache. I really do not want to do a factory reset. Any suggestions on how I can fix this without resetting? So Frustrating!

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