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SPRINT will NOTactivate off the contract iphone 4S for another 2 years- even though ETF was paid off? How does this work?


SPRINT will NOTactivate off the contract iphone 4S for another 2 years- even though ETF was paid off? How does this work?

Hi all,

I just wanted to speak up about my experience here so nobody else experiences a similar situation or at least don't feel alone when they do..

So I just spent an hour 45 minutes on the phone with SPRINT customer care/techsupport -both domestic and international and at all sorts of managerial levels- and they can not offer me an acceptable solution.

To summarize the situation, I have bought 4 iphone 4s'es very briefly before iphone5's were released. It was for my family- who spent a few months of the year here in US and the rest back at my home country of Turkey. Upon their return- we realized that the international roaming charges that the SPRINT was going to charge was not going to work for us- so I called back and paid off the ETF and  cancelled 3 out of the 4 lines and registered the 4th with a new device that I am currently using as a WiFi hotspot. Recently my folks have been hearing about SPRINT allowing their customers to use Iphones with other GSM carriers internationally- so they asked me to contact the customer service to see if I can get the phones unlocked so that they can actually use them as phones instead of ipods.

After lots of deliberation on the phone- SPRINT is telling me that they can not unlock an off contract phone and that service is only available for customers who currently hold a contract- and is in good standing for their payments for at least 90 days. I asked them if they can temporarily re-activate the additional lines on my account to have the phones activated at the unlock status- but they apologized and said that they can not and the company policy prevents them to do so. The last person I spoke too even added, even if they do unlock the phones for international use- I would be chaged roaming since they would be used abroad. This is ridiculous!

I had several people- from SPRINT none the less- recommend third-party services to do this unlocking that I require- but I simply wanted to do this by the book and have my official carrier do it. It appears this is impossible!!

Now I have to ask the community here- what does SPRINT have to gain by preventing their off the contract customers from using the devices that was paid for one way( thorough using it for 2 years) or another(by paying off the ETF)? Now I belive I won't be the first or the last customer to experience this problem so I had to voice my frustration with this utterly non-sensical company policy that left me- a customer in good standing- frustrated out of my mind and having to waste an hour and 45 minutes of the poor staff at the customer service and technical support - WITH NO RESOLUTION in the end!

I am disappointed to say the least. Shame on the company policy!

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