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Sim Failure


Re: Sim Failure

I get the failure error a minimum of once a day...for the last 2 days it's been happening 2-3 times a day.  Called Sprint and after being hung up on...was told to take it to a Apple or Sprint store.  After reading this post...I wonder if it's even worth it. 


Re: Sim Failure

ive had endless terrible experiences with sprint lately. after 8 years or so with them, its just terrible. and a waste of your time to talk to them

sprint loves to point fingers at apple... but other sprint people have admitted they "dont know what to do," and at most call centers they "just try to get you off the phone because they dont have answers"

ive talked to apple care. theyve confirmed they are sprint issues. apple care actually called sprint for me and told them. too bad sprint just doesnt care.

i wouldnt be suprised if sprint sold all these iphones, didnt care that they stopped working, sold a million "unlimited data plans" to people, then went out of business leaving all of us hanging.

ive had the sim card problem and other issues:

so far the solution from sprint employees has been:

try turning your phone off and then on ( 3 sprint employees suggested this)

try to sell my iphone and buy an android from sprint ( 2 sprint employees suggested this )

try a different service provider such as verizon or ATT ( 2 sprint employees suggested this )

try ##UPDATE# ( 3 sprint employees suggested this, 2 sprint employees said this update CAUSED the problems)

the rest have either scheduled "call backs" and didnt call me OR just put me on hold and hung up then didnt call me back.



to conclude:

Dear Sprint: i've decided that each time I'm on the phone with your customer service getting ZERO help and lots of headaches explaining my story over and over... i'll just use that time wisely to rant on various message boards that your own "call center supervisors" are telling me "If I were you, i'd try going to a different company,"

Dear Sprint customers: sprint doesnt want your business.


Re: Sim Failure

My wife's iPhone 4S has the same problem.  It doesn't work for 8 to 12 hours sometimes.  Called sprint and they said they cannot provide any help.  Go to apple because Sprint has no warranty on the phone.   I have been with sprint since 9 years and over the last year I never get any answers from Sprint Customer Service.  They always send me in a loop with no resolution.  I am tired of talking to them.  Can't wait till my contract is up.

Anyone know how to remove the sim card on these?

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