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Slow Data Everywhere I have traveled


Slow Data Everywhere I have traveled

I am very disappointed in the data service provided by Sprint 3G! I have had my new iPhone 4S since launch day. The data speeds are miserably slow, if any exist at all. I travel for work and have been in 5 different cities (poor data speeds in all of them), currently on Maui, Hawaii. It took me 3 attempts to text a picture and once it finally went through over 10 minutes to upload one picture! Mean while my friend who has a new iPhone 4S on ATT, is sitting next to me, texting pictures non-stop. I left ATT for Sprint, I now feel I have made a huge mistake.


While, I understand that the ATT iPhone 4S is faster for data, this is ridiculous. My aunts tracphone is faster.


Sprint I will give you a chance to correct this issue since you are supposedly working on this issue with Apple. No fix by the time the iPhone 5 is released and I will be leaving, as realiable consistent service is more important to me than price.


But, the really sad thing is I had to use my ATT iPad 2 to even post this to the sprint site, as I can not even get my sprint iPhone 4S to bring their site and my phone is showing 3 bars within a supposedly 3G coverage area.


The other issue is battery life! From day one, I have not been able to go a full day without charging my iPhone 4S. Took the phone to the Apple store and they exchanged the phone. (Thank you Apple for the awesome customer service) but the battery issue continues even with my second phone. 


With poor data speed on sprint, along with poor battery life, I am very unhappy!



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