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So long my old Friend Blackberry


So long my old Friend Blackberry

With Great SADNESS & REGRET, i finally had to say God Bye to my Blackberry Tour, after 6yrs of faithfulness and after multiple blackberry models.  As i stepped into the Pearly Gates of the Apple Iphone 4 S, I grimmiaced as my blackberry Tour lay  there getting the life drained from it's memore and my contacts transferred to my Iphone 4 S.  Wow !! I think i'm going to Love this phone!!! AWSOME! Goodbye my ol Obama faithful!!! I Tried to keep youbut RIM by Blackberry got rid of the only hopes i had in staying in the Blackberry family, by getting rid of the BB Torch..........So long my friend!!!

New Apple Iphone 4 S user



Re: So long my old Friend Blackberry

I'm sure that you'll enjoy it. I recently activated mine and still getting used to it. I love it, but still kept my HTC EVO.

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