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Sprint 3G Useless


Sprint 3G Useless

I began my time with Sprint in January after my phone was stolen and AT&T wanted $750 for a new phone. With AT&T, I had 4G service on the iPhone 4S. Figuring that the phone itself is set up for this, I got another iPhone 4S for myself and one for my partner.

After having the service for a few months, we've noticed that it is not even close to good service and, at time, it is non-existent. At home, we have the Wi-Fi on so it's not an issue, but if we go so far as a block away from the house, we lose 3G service and have an o at the top left corner. We have no idea what it means other than terrible signal.

At the office, I could sit at my desk and watch it switch back and forth from 3G to o over and over again without moving the phone.

Now both of us are stuck with a terrible network. Why doesn't the Sprint version of the iPhone 4S have 4G service? All AT&T did was a software update. Why is this not the case with Sprint?


Re: Sprint 3G Useless

I feel your pain bro. Sprint is technically useless where ever I go. Worst part is, I thought At&t was bad. I paid them $300 to cancel my contract and move to sprint. Wrong decision!!!

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