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Sprint ASL and My Journey to Unlock the Iphone 4S


Sprint ASL and My Journey to Unlock the Iphone 4S

Where to begin......

After shopping for service providers we decided to sign on with Sprint after many trips to the Sprint store clearly stating what we were looking for.

Our criteria was simple: 1) sign a contract (which I personally detest) to help build her credit history (another pet peeve) and 2) Having a device that we can unlock as we travel to my wifes home country several times a year. The last one we clearly explained and the salesman said it won't be a problem after 90 days.

90 days later. I call Sprint to request an unlock and they said no because we had an ASL. After they explained what this was, they said we couldn't do anything until we had 12 months perfect payment history. My wife said isn't that a scam? I said no, that is America. At this point my wife is realizing that US companies are as shady as her own country.

12 months later (dec 2012).

I call Sprint saying I would like to get the ASL removed. They said I need to enroll in Automatic billing for this to happen I said ok. I enroll on my pc while on the phone. I said OK, I finished the enrollment can I unlock my phone now? "Oh I am sorry, you have to wait for the next billing cycle" I take a breath and say ok. I will call back in jan.


I call Sprint. I go throught the unlock request. They said ok no problem, I see your account is free from the ASL. I will send the request and you will receive a call in 3-5 hours.

10 hours later.

No call.

I researched why no one called on these forums, and it seems its a 50/50 chance they will call back and I find the steps I need to do on Itunes. I do these steps but no "congrats" message.

2 days later

I called Sprint asking what the status is. They say the request takes 3 days. I said ok.

The next day

I called Sprint asking what the status is. They say the request takes 24 hours. I said that you guys said 3-5 hours, then 3 days, and now 24 hours. He said he doesn't know why they said that it should be 24 hours.

1 week later which is today....

I called Sprint. they said I have an ASL on my account. I spoke with the floor manager and she was very kind. For the first time someone sounded like they knew what they were talking about. I told her my journey since December. She said she has to pass the info to her manager who won't be back till Monday. So I will wait till Monday to blow up. My guess is the lady from January, didn't remove the ASL.

I honestly don't know why Sprint can't just unlock Iphones on a per customer basis. We won't cancel our contract because I know that's a whole new world of stress trying to get the phones unlocked that way.

Once our contract is up I really doubt we will stay with Sprint. Either the employees are really pissed and pass misinformation or they are not trained enough to know what to say or do.


Re: Sprint ASL and My Journey to Unlock the Iphone 4S

In your same shoes. I've been told its against policy mostly. that they do it to keep the phones that they paid for in their company's usage. its a sprint phone now you sell it to another sprint user at a discounted price or sell it back to them. keeps the circle of the sprint fraud running haha. im sorry you were screwed into buying an iphone 4s w/ sprint. its a tragedy we share haha


Re: Sprint ASL and My Journey to Unlock the Iphone 4S

Well thanks in part to our wonderful Congress people, the carriers, don't have to unlock the phones if they choose not to, even after your contract is over.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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