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Sprint Care...?


Sprint Care...?

My sister recently upgraded her iPhone and renewed a 2 year contract with Sprint. She most generously gave me her old iPhone 4s as I am currently living in Italy with my husband who is in the air force. I requested that the iPhone 4s be unlocked so that I can insert a SIM card for international use; however, the customer service rep I chatted with online refused to do so. I am curious as to why they are unwilling to unlock a phone that has been paid for over the course of a 2 year contract for international use. Hopefully I can get an answer on here. Thanks in advance!


Re: Sprint Care...?


Thanks for the question! There may be a few reasons the device cannot be unlocked for international use, but it is not based upon the life of the device, it's account specific. I'll list them and explain each.
* It cannot be unlocked if your account has an account spending limit.
* The device must be active on the line for over 90 days.
* The line must be active (Not suspended or canceled).
* The account must be in good standing.

It sounds as though the phone has not been active on your line for 90 days, especially if you just got if from your sister. I won't be able to advise of that since I don't have any account information. If you'd like us to verify this for sure, please private message us with your phone number and pin and we can look at the account.

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