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Sprint Iphone 4S


Sprint Iphone 4S

I am getting my discount soon and I really want to upgrade to the Iphone.

Right now I use a LG Rumor 2. Its old I know but I love the phone it works great.  I switched to my mother's  Samsung Instinct for about 2 months but was very unsatisfied with the phone. It was terrible. I would have both my Rumor 2 and the Instinct on at the same time and my Rumor 2 would hold at nearly full bars yet the Instinct which is a smartphone only had 2, if that in my own home. I could get no help fixing this so I assumed it was just the phone.

Anyway, I switched back to my Rumor 2, love it, LG seems to be really good.  But, before I switched to the Iphone I wanted to hear some opinions of other customers here who have used it.

I would like to get the Iphone but if its going to never have signal like the Instinct I would pass. It would cause me to get messages late, or not at all, and was very frustrating.

For the record, I love Sprint itself and am very greatful that I will be able to upgrade my phone soon, I just want see about what phone I should really get.


Sprint Iphone 4S

I had the iphone 4S.  I sold it.  I loved the phone though and have two on order through at&t.  As for reception.  I found the iphone 4S had excellent reception.  I had an HTC Hero.  I work in a 4 story old Army building and barely receive signal with my Hero.  It's basically enough to send text messages. 

I too was due an upgrade.  I chose the Samsung Epic Touch.  That phone was a POS.  I returned it the next day.  I did not have reception at all at my job.  No sending even a text message.  It also had some other issues.  The signal would bounce all over the place.  The phone would freeze up when you plugged it in to charge.  The menu button quit working.  Etc.  All this in one day.  Ofcourse Sprint charged me $35 bucks to "restock" this defective phone.  Now back to the Iphone

It had just as much reception as my Hero.  And the phone is just smooth.  Quickly responsive and just works with little issues.  I highly recommend it.  Just not with Sprint.  The Iphone is 3G only.  I live in San Antonio Tx and had horrible 3G no matter where I was at.  My phone was pretty much useless data wise unless I was on a wifi.  I had an instant when I was at school and really needed to get on this website.  After waiting for about two minutes I just gave up.  Read other discussions on this site about the Iphone with Sprint.  Sprints 3G network is super slow, and it almost seems the iphone is even slower.  I looked to see what upgrades are planed for the future here in San Antonio.  They are only upgrading 3 more towers here to help with data speeds.  That will not cut it here

If you really want an Iphone I would look elsewhere.  Or if you always have wifi I guess you will be ok.  But if you have to use wifi all the time then whats the point to having unlimited data anyways?  I looked at my data usage for the last 12 months.  Never went over a gig.  So Im confident 2 gigs will be fine with at&t.  And in my case, at&t will be cheaper.  ANd they by far have the quicker iphone.  Just things to consider.  Sprint is not really cheaper anymore.  Keep in mind, if you get an iphone you will be paying an additional $10 a month for "premium data".  You will also pay a $32 activation fee.  Sprint will tell you everyone has to pay this and you will get charged the same if you go with another carrier.  Not true.  Just signed up for two lines with at&t and had those fees waived.


Re: Sprint Iphone 4S

Thank you for the advice.

My only worry is that AT&T wont be any faster, or worse it will be slower than Sprint. Verizon is completely out the window because they charge outragaeous prices. Im talking the same plan I have here with Sprint is like over 100 dollars more with Verizon, so forget that.

Not only that but I just check ATT website.

Sprint may charge me 10 dollars more and put my bill at around 85 dollars a month but ATT wants 70 dollars just for the unlimited talk. Another 45 dollars just to get 4GB of data per month, oh and another 25 for unlimited text.

140 dollars a month and I dont even get as much as a get with Sprint... I dont care if it is faster. Forget that.


Re: Sprint Iphone 4S

Well here one of the many articles out there explaining the test results with the Iphone and different carriers:


I really dont think any other carriers are as slow as Sprint.  Please read up in the forum under the Iphone 4S.  We are not lying about this lousy network.  I am paying $450 in ETF to get out of this and had to sale my iphone cause it was just straight up useless unless I was on my wifi.  As for pricing for at&t...

Why would you be looking for unlimited voice?  You don't get unlimited voice with the Sprint 69.99 plan.  It is 450 anytime minutes, mobile to mobile, and nights/weekends.  Also includes the data and text. 

I just looked at my cousins bill since he has a single plan like you.  It is $70 plus the $10 for the premium data.  So $80 a month before tax and surcharges.  After tax and charges his bill is $96 a month. 

Now if you are to compare apple to apples with at&t you would have to elect for the 450 anytime minutes since this is what you have with sprint.  This is also rollover so what you dont use goes to next month.  They also include mobile to mobile and nights/weekends.  That is $40 a month.  The unlimited texting is $20 a month.  And 2 gigs of data is $25 a month.  So before taxes/charges your bill will be $85 a month.  You will be looking at $5 more a month for at&t.  Dont forget you will pay the $36 activation fee as well with sprint.  At&t waived my activation fees on both my lines.

You will just need to look at your usage.  Do you need more than 2 gigs of data a month?  How much data have you been using each month with Sprint?  I can tell you this, if you get the sprint iphone you wont use that much data cause you will be wanting to get on a wifi spot.  And it is so slow you dont have enough time in the month to use that much data.

Do what you feel you should do depending on your needs.  At&t gives you 30 days to decide unlike sprints 13 days.  And I honestly do not believe any network will be slower than sprints.  It cost me an addition $350 bucks to figure this out

Sprint Iphone 4S

KenDog210 - I can understand frustration with the slow network and if the area(s) that you use are that bad, then for sure you need another carrier. I don't know where you live but I have found Sprint is adequate (for the price) for 3G in the 55127 zip code (Mpls/St Paul). I have the Epic 4G Touch and my husband got his first smartphone (iPhone 4S) this weekend. Now, I don't know what data will be like when we are in a roaming area or in low coverage, will have to see. Then, we will have to determine if the coverage is so poor/how important is it.

Every carrier has issues. I will say that I had AT&T prior to Sprint (over 11 yrs ago) and had issues with dropped calls, etc. Well, my daughter paid the ETF to get out of AT&T (and had an iPhone) because of the very same reason (frequent dropped calls). She is currently with Verizon. So, again, the carrier has to be right for you.


Sprint Iphone 4S

I dont think I'll mind the drop calls to much.  I really dont talk to much on the phone.  My understanding of the dropped calls anyways is that it happens when you get far away from one tower and you have to be switched to the closer tower.  But if your stationary like at home, it is not as frequent.

Plus I dont make "business" type calls or anything.  My phone calls are to my wife and friends and so I'll just call them back with no harm done.  I asked my friend about at&t as she lives in my housing area and has had them for years.  She had no complaints and nothing bad to say about them.

I have peppered posted all the different things of recently sprint has done what I feel like is wrong.  The biggest thing to me is to LIE.  They will spit excuse after excuse as to why the network is slow.  Dude, I know you dont have a tower thats been down for the last year or two.  What, all of them have been down in the San Antonio area?  Just freakin admit your 3G is super slow.  Like 2006 slow.  Adjust my bill accordingly.  And I'll remain loyal and deal with it for another two years. 

But what sprint does is advertise on their website between i think its 600k to 1.5MB.  So in my opinion if I have not been receiving the speed I should, and you continue to charge me "premium data" fees, then why should I stay?   Especially on top of all the other BS. 

If  was a high amount data user than that would be one thing.  I barely can get close to a gig.  I just want my phone to work right and semi-quickly.  It took me six years to realize this.  In two years I might come back.  We'll see how sprint handles these next two years.  maybe then I'll be back pon the forum saying F at&t


Sprint Iphone 4S

There are no 4G   Iphones right now anywhere though. Not even AT&T or Verizon...

They wont until the Iphone 5 comes out sometime next year.


Sprint Iphone 4S

4G to me is nothing but a label.  I dont care if its 1G or 20 million G.  I just care about performance.  Call it whatever you want.  If I can get more than 100kbps to 500kbps from at&t, then I will be a happy man.  At&t will be cheaper for me so anything quicker than sprint is just a delightful bonus.  I dont use alot of data so I havent been with sprint for unlimited data.  I just want my phone to work semi-quickly without having to get on a wifi

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