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Sprint TeleNav and IPhone


Sprint TeleNav and IPhone

I'm more an android guy my self (open source rocks lol), but I bought my wife an iphone 4S and I installed many apps she wanted, and one of the apps I installed was the TeleNav that Sprint offers on the other phones.

I was surprised that it was asking me to buy the app if I wanted voice directions (something that in my EVO 3D is for free and preloaded), I understand that the iphone is stricted to apple configurations, but, can't sprint (since they have a contract with TeleNav) at least have the TeleNav software to be free for the Sprint verified Accounts? I think (maybe since I'm used to have the TeleNav speak) it is very unsafe to have a GPS program that you have to keep looking at while driving.

I understand due to apple limitations the program can not be preloaded, but I think TeleNav is profiting from Sprint and Sprint Costumers in the same time (Since I'm sure they get some profits from the contract they have with Sprint, and now for the Sprint IPhone users that have to purchase the program, and that was not cheap)

I wonder if some one has any sort of explanation or solution????

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Re: Sprint TeleNav and IPhone

Here is a long thread with a lot of suggestions for navigation apps - Sprint TV has made it's way to the iPhone - NASCAR is supposedly close behind - so maybe one day we will have the free Telenav app - one day.


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