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Sprint's Network is getting annoying! >:/


Sprint's Network is getting annoying! >:/

   Whats up with Spint's 3G Network ? I have an iphone 4s and my network is constanly on  2G. And when I have 3G signal with full bars, my speed is still less than 1Mbps. Not only that, but I exprienced a lot of drop-calls slowwwww picture sending, and Youtube doesn't even work without the use of wifi. The browser is slow too!! I called tech supoort so many times and all they always say to update my roaming, by dialing ##873283#, and after a while its the same thing. It gets me annoyed that am playing money for a service that doesn't work... Don't get me wrong, Sprint always has service by my area and i get signal more places than on Veizon's network but the internet problem i a big issue because It takes a long time.Sprint is cleaver by having us in a 2yr. contract or else i would of ditch this company. By the way,.. Anyone know what the terminatial fee is if I been with Sprint for one full yr?


Re: Sprint's Network is getting annoying! >:/

Dial *2.


Re: Sprint's Network is getting annoying! >:/


Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your service concerns.  I can understand your frustrations when data speeds are slow.  How long have you experienced these slow speeds?  I'd like to check your area with our network tools, can you provide cross streets and a zipcode?  You can determine your early termination fee at


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