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Unable to make calls or send/receive texts


Unable to make calls or send/receive texts

I have an iPhone 4s with Sprint. My phone was working fine this afternoon but as of this evening, I cannot make any phone calls nor have I received any. My texting was still working for a while but now it has stopped working as well. My whole life is on this phone and I cannot get it to work again. I need an answer fast. I don't know if there is something up with my phone specifically or if there is a service network error in the area. Help! I don't know what to do!


Re: Unable to make calls or send/receive texts


Thanks for reaching out to us and I apologize for the delay in response!  Are you still experiencing the same issues with your Iphone 4s?  If so I would like to look at the area you are having the most problems.  Can you please provide the zip code and major cross streets of the area?  I'm here to help!

Thank you

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