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Upgrade Waiver for Iphone4S


Upgrade Waiver for Iphone4S

Hello Mgmt,

As a loyal customer for 11 years, I am requesting that you give Sprint Premiere Gold customers the option of upgrading to the iphone4S ONLY. I understand you want new customers, but are you really willing to risk us going to a competitor to get the same exact phone?

You realize, as we do you are 3rd in the market for cellphone companies. And I am willing to bet the majority of your users are loyal customers. And who better promote and market your company than those of us that have been with you since the $19.99 Startac Motorola.

To have me add a line, for a family plan; then make me keep the 'unknown' new number for 30 days isunbelievable.

You vowed to a certain number of iphones and what way to make you benchmark than to give it to those of us who still support you.

An Upgrade Waiver ONLY for the iphone4S seems like a win-win for all parties. Make us start our 2-year contract over again.

But please dont force my hand and have me to to Verizon for this phone.




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Upgrade Waiver for Iphone4S

Bye.   Do you really think sprint would do something like that come and think there for just a moment if i was sprint i would not. 

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