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Using Sprint Number with Google Voice and Keeping the Google number


Using Sprint Number with Google Voice and Keeping the Google number

I have an iPhone 4S and separately, a google voice account with a different number. I got google voice when it first came out and was by invite only so it was free and I got a google voice number.

I have a few questions to anyone who can answer them.

1. If I select the option to use my SPRINT number as my google voice number, I'l probably lose my google voice number that I got a long time ago. (I like it and dont really want to lose it)

2. With the iPhone, voicemail is automatically downloaded into the phone app and is listened to locally without having to call the network hosted voicemail line. What happenes if I integrate my phone with google voice? Will this no longer happen because Google Voice takes over the voicemail?

3. What happenes when I decide to switch to Verizon and want to port my number over as well. What will be affected? I'll no longer have my old google voice number (see question 1) and Verizon doesnt support Google Voice integration. So will I have to get a new GV number?

These are the things that bother me. I welcome anyone who thinks they know the answer to let me know.

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