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Voicemail Problems


Voicemail Problems

Okay... I'm having similar issues to some of the posts in the thread about visual voicemail, but not exactly so I thought I'd post up a new thread.

I have two new iphones on my account... both were upgrades on existing lines.  The first one is an iphone 4.  It was purchased through Sprint.  I was unable to activate it online so I had to call into Sprint and they were able to activate it.  When I set it up, it required that I re-setup voicemail for whatever reason.  I did that -- recorded new message, etc.  Now when you call into the phone, it goes to voicemail properly and you can leave a message.  Unfortunately, there is NO message waiting indicator (MWI) on the phone that alerts you to the new voicemail.  I waited up to about an hour and it never came through.  If, however, you re-boot the phone (power down and then power back up), the MWI let's you know that there is a voicemail.  This is the only way I can find that it will let you know that there is a voicemail.  After a reboot, the visual voicemail works fine.  Before the reboot, if you somehow knew that there was a message, you *could* dial in and get it.

The second phone is an iphone 4S.  This one was purchased through  Once again, I was unable to activate it online so I had to call into Sprint to get it activated.  The setup of the phone differed slightly in that during the setup process it did, at one point, ask me to verify that the phone number was correct.  The other iphone never asked.  In any case, during the setup process, I synced it with gmail through exchange server (as described by google).  This got me the gmail contacts.  Please note that I do not have Google voice... nor do I even really know what it is.  Then, to my surprise, I found that (unlike the other iphone) the voice mail was still working.  I guess it had carried over from before the upgrade and was never reset.  However, just like the other phone, this phone will not let you know when there is a voicemail waiting (no MWI).  Plus it doesn't even have visual voicemail working... you have to dial in to get the message.  Also like the other phone, if you reboot the phone, it will then see the voicemail (but you still have to dial in to get it).

Lastly, when I setup the new voicemail on the iphone 4, it no longer gives me the option to access voicemail without using a passcode.  Previously, there was the option for "one touch access" that would mean that it would be unnecessary to have to punch in the passcode everytime; but that option seems to have been removed or is missing.  This is less of a concern as long as visual voicemail ends up working properly.  I'm afraid that the first thing that tech support is going to suggest to get visual voicemail working on the iphone 4S is for them to reset voicemail... I bet that it's not going to allow me one touch access after that point either.

So basically:

  1. there is no indication of new voicemails on either the 4 or the 4S
  2. there is no visual voicemail on the 4S
  3. there is no way to not have to enter the passcode on the 4 when dialing in for voicemail (which won't matter as long as I can get the MWI working)

At first, I thought that this might be related to the Airave I was using for part of the time that I was working on these phones.  But then I left that house and it still wasn't (and isn't now) working.  So it doesn't work on or off the Airave.


Voicemail Problems

After googling, it appears that Sprint is having all kinds of voicemail problems with the iphones... no MWI, no visual voicemail, no option not to punch in the passcode, voicemail not even connecting, people hearing that they don't have voicemail box at all...

But there are a few people who have claimed that after working with a few people on the issue (tech support, Apple, etc.), they got their VM problems squared away.  This, if it's true, implies that there is a fix.  So can someone who knows what they are talking about please let us know!!!!


Voicemail Problems

Tech support iphone specialist told me about the PRL issue. When I had  posted to the "iphone 4s recall?" thread, it didn't have to do with  speed, but with Visual Voice Mail.  I like the other poster spent 9 days  calling apple and sprint tech support. I also have an Airvanna.  My  visual voicemail did not work both in the house (Airvanna, which was  reset and deacativated and reactivated).  Visual Voicemail also  did not  work consistently on the 3G network.  Also I did not receive a majority  of incoming calls.  The callers went straight to regular voicemail. No   ringing and no notifications on phone.  I experienced the same thing  with texts.  The majority I didn't receive.  Sometimes powering on/off,  reloading the software on the phone, resetting the network and  ##UPDATE#   would work and I would receive a lot of texts and voicemails. Sometimes  they would appear in Visual Voice Mail and othertimes I would get the  keypad and hit 1 to retreive them.  People emailed me to let me know that they left a voice messages. Email has never failed.  The thing is I could never get Visual Voicemail to stay fixed.  When I worked with the Iphone specialist at Sprint (posted her number on  the recall thread) she had me do every combination of reset, update and  reload.  Then she asked me about the PRL and how to find it in  settings, and said I need to take it back to the store.  Known issue.  What I got out of the conversation,  (forgive me if I have this wrong,  not tech savy), is that voicemail and texts travel in the network on  different route and/or bandwith than calls.  Samething for inbound/outbound calls. So this is how I understand that it relates to the PRL or Preferred Routing List .  So one could make outbound calls without problems but be unable to see incoming calls.  Then add  voicemail and texts and its own routing paths. I took my phone back yesterday, and will really be angry if this could be fixed with an update.


Re: Voicemail Problems

This worked for me.

Tap the voicemail app, Menu, Compose, Record(Just a few seconds), Send to voicemail (not mail or gmail),  Once you send it give it like 2 mins and if you have any messages in the mail box they will all come through.

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