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What Is Going On?!?


What Is Going On?!?

I have had Sprint for over 3 years I have NEVER had a problem until now my signal seems to be clogging I know it is not my iPhone 4S it is sprints service my dad has a LG Rumor Touch so I know it is not my iPhone. I have talked to other sprint customers i know and they have the same problem. After 11 o'clock p.m. i get literally NO phone calls, No texts, and when i call out to someone in the A.M. everything that was sent to me comes in at once. I am a late night person I need my fone to work!! I get iMessages with no problem and my service is just really frustrating me. Sprint has always come through for me. What is going on? I have the right mind to switch to verizon, but i want sprint to get their stuff together because I like the price and the service, but now the service is just stupid, i have done service updates i have done hard resets now i am just ready to give up. HELP!!

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