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What is actually required for an international unlock?


What is actually required for an international unlock?

So I was on a friends and family employee plan.  Employee leaves, they email him to his Sprint work address telling him they are going to shut off the lines (which of course doesn't go anywhere) and I no longer have Sprint service (no notice, no emails, no text messages, nothing, just line goes dead in the middle of a work/school day) to request an international unlock.   

I would like to get the 2 Iphones unlocked for international use so I can give them to my parents who travel.

What exactly is required to get these phones unlocked?  I want to know very specifically what falls under can't do and what falls under won't do as there seems to be lots of varying opinions when I searched around.



Re: What is actually required for an international unlock?


Thank you for reaching out to us. So are these two devices active under an account now? Are they out of contract? You are wanting them unlocked for international use and not for using with another carrier, correct?

This information will help us with next steps.

Thank you for your time,
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