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Why won't sprint let me activate my iphone4s?


Why won't sprint let me activate my iphone4s?

Okay so last night sprint had some sort of glitch and stated that my iphone was activated on my fathers # but it was not. it was activated on my phone number and things were alright till this morning my fathers phone did not work but my iphone did on my phone number. so i call sprint and they say they need to swap the phones.  I am a bit confused with this my phone was working perfectly fine on my # and once this lady supposdly swaps our phones mine refuses to activate but my father is using his phone perfectly. WHAT IS GOING ON? i go to the sprint store and they say wait a few hours.. ITS BEEN 3 HOURS. please sprint or someone help me understand this


Why won't sprint let me activate my iphone4s?

Sorry that you are having an issue  By what you have stated there seems to be some sort of account problem.   We do not have any way to access your account.   Your best bet on this is to  call custmer service at 1-888-211-4727 so we can see what is set up on the account.

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