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Why would anyone pay 445.00 for a refurbished phone and lose upgrade?


Why would anyone pay 445.00 for a refurbished phone and lose upgrade?

In July of 2012 I had an available upgrade, but because I knew the iphone5 was coming out soon I didn't want to waste my upgrade on a phone I didn't want. I researched, by speaking with a customer service representative, and was told that if I bought a refurbished phone (pre-owned) that I would still have my upgrade when new iphone was released. Well, I didn't think anything was wrong with that response as I have purchased pre-owned phones before and not lost upgrades for my family members whose phones have needed to be replaced without restarting the upgrade period. So I purchased a pre-owned iphone4S and sure enough my upgrade was still on my account up until last night.  I called Sprint last night because my company discount had been cancelled and I was told by a Steve what I needed to do to get that restored. I was on the computer looking at my account while speaking with him and my upgrade was on my account. I asked him when the iphone5 would be available to order and he said at 2:00 am. I, again, checked at 11:30 pm and my upgrade was on my account, but this morning when I logged in to pre-order the iphone5 it had miraculously vanished overnight. I called to speak with someone and was told that I used my upgrade on July 10, 2012 when I purchased the refurbished phone. This had never been Sprint's policy (I read all of my mail from Sprint) and I had spoken with a rep to make sure that I would retain my upgrade before purchasing the pre-owned refurbished phone. She said I had gotten an upgrade price, but if I had paid 400+ dollars for the phone I would have kept my upgrade. Who would pay that much for a pre-owned refurbished phone when he/she can buy a new one? I have bought them before and never experienced this confusion. How could my upgrade just disappear overnight and I am made to seem as if I am crazy? I spoke with three people and was left a message by a fourth person who had the same message. I wasn't born yesterday and check my account on a regular basis. I have been a loyal Sprint customer, but after my contracts have run there course on my family plan, which costs me 350+ a month, then I will shop around because I feel devalued and find this practice to be totally dishonest. I had no reason to lie or decieve Sprint about my eligibility for an upgrade, but they felt they had a reason to practice deception by arbitrarily removing the upgrade from my account.

Co-workers have told me to switch to Verizon or AT&T, but I have always raved about the service I receive from Sprint. I guess it doesn't pay to be a loyal customer anymore if all you get in return is deception in the name of getting the full price for a newly released phone. I am quite sure that since I had the iphone4S that my upgrade was removed overnight because they knew that I would be using it to buy the newer phone; therefore, they wanted to get the full price. This is the epitomy of deception and a business who practices deceit doesn't need my hard earned money. I would rather take my business to a company that has slower speeds, but treats me with respect!


Re: Why would anyone pay 445.00 for a refurbished phone and lose upgrade?

We're so sorry to hear about this confusion.  I would be equally upset too.  The iPhone is a special device with regards to it's pricing.  It's all controlled by Apple; not Sprint or any other carrier.  On our pre-owned page, all of the other pre-owned devices can be purchased for less than $100 "without" using your upgrade because they all have regular prices below $100.  The pre-owned iPhones are the only phones that do not have a drastically reduced regular price for being pre-owned or remanufactured.  I agree about wondering who would buy a pre-owned iPhone when you could by a new one for just a little more.  But, they are popular devices nonetheless.  It is strange that your upgrade eligibility changed just before the launch of the iPhone 5 pre-orders.  But I can assure you that it was reset back in July when we rendered a discount on that purchase which is what resets your upgrade eligibility.  We do have a Buyback program and the iPhone 4S is one of the highest buyback amounts. 

Again, we truly apologize for the confusion,


Tom Deaver

Sprint Tech ~ Communities

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Re: Why would anyone pay 445.00 for a refurbished phone and lose upgrade?

I stand by my previous statement that the upgrade was not reset until this morning because it was still available as of 11:30 last night. This policy of Apple's is not explicitly stated anywhere on your site and nor was it communicated to me by the customer service associate whom I spoke with in July before I bought this pre-owned phone. I feel like I have been made a fool of and duped. I am very, very upset by this and I feel that I should be treated with more respect rather than someone who seems to be delusional. I know what was on my account as I check it frequently. In the future your policy or Apple's, if you want to blame them, should be clear to your customers. I will never forget this treatment and I plan to tell people when they ask about your service. You can fool me once but you don't get a second time. This is ridiculous!

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