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Wifi and downloading of apps over 3G issue


Wifi and downloading of apps over 3G issue

I just got my iPhone 4s replaced tonight after being pinballed around from Sprint to Apple and Apple to Sprint.  I am hesitant to update to iOS 6 after using it on my last 4S.  I still cannot download apps over 3G and I still cannot connect to my house wifi for more than five minutes (when they tell you you need wifi to get full downloads!).  I find the right wifi to use and it fails to join when typing it the correct password, but once you hit join again it finally connects.  Weird?  If you let your phone go to lock screen and then wake it up, you see that it is back to 3G.  It says wifi is not connected and you must type in the password again.  I was able to stay logged in on my girlfriend's wifi the whole time in her apartment, and the same thing on Sprint's store wifi; even when they turned the phone off and back on, it stay connected.  Is anyone experiencing these problems??? 

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