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iPhone 4S 32GB, enough for a early termination without fee?


iPhone 4S 32GB, enough for a early termination without fee?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read another of 'those' discussions concerning bad service. I have not attempted to 'jailbreak' this device if that matters. Over the past couple months I have been experiencing the following:

- Dropped calls aka 'Call Failed' messages on the iPhone (lost count of how many)

- The 'safari cannot open the page because the network connection was lost' message. Not after I received a phone call, I know 3G is interrupted during a call.

- Receiving texts up to an hour after someone sends them EX: My gf sent me a text asking if I made it home safe and on my phone it said 0:17 for receiving and she actually sent it at 11:07 on her phone. (0:17 = 12:17am)

- Another case of a texting issue of where I received a single text 6 times in a row

- A case of where I send a text once and the receiving end gets it multiple times

- I got a "923-0" message saying "The message could not be delivered due to a temporary network setup error. Please try later. Error 2112" I got that message twice within 2 hours

- Many, Many cases where I was pushed onto an "Extended" network with the little circle representing the Edge network. (Without leaving the area I was in)

- A case of where there were multiple dropped calls in a row when I was trying to order food. Successfully ordered the food with my friends phone on the Verizon network.

- A case of where I had a new voicemail without the phone ringing

- Many cases of me not being able to use the maps on the iPhone because of slow/edge network speed. 'Could not find location" error or something close to that. I tried looking up the same address on 3G and it was successful.

I thought the issue could be resolved if I put a case on the phone (going back to the 'death grip' of the 4) but the service did not change. I have a few screenshots for some of the matters for proof, however, I do not have a picture for everything out of the sheer frustration with this service. Kind of like one of those moments where something happens and you are frustrated to no extent almost wanting to throw your phone across the room...then remembering the iPhone is you put it down gently haha.

I understand that every network has their own problems, however, this is by far the worst network I have ever been on. I can deal with the slow data speeds but the dropped calls and failed texts are a severe issue.

Does this constitute a contract termination without a fee? I'm considering filing a complaint with the BBB. I am greatly worried about this issue because my girl is leaving for the Air Force soon and I absolutely cannot have dropped calls for when she is gone. Not to mention that this call failed thing is annoying...I had many people think I hung up on them...even a guy performing a phone interview :/

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