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iPhone 4S Use Question

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iPhone 4S Use Question

Alright I'm not very bright when it comes to the iPhone and the whole aspect of 3G/4G. Bascially I want to get the iPhone, but I'm wondering how do you really use it when you don't have Wifi for applications like Foursquare or Facebook/Twitter. Is this where 3G comes in? If this is where 3G comes in, how would this affect the Simple Everything Data family plan that I have? I hope this doesn't sound really stupid, but I just really would like to understand how much this would affect my bill and the actual usage of the phone.

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iPhone 4S Use Question

You're correct. 3G is for when you don't have access to a WiFi network or choose not to use one. If you are on a simply everything plan with a smartphone and paying the $10 premium data charge you're all set, no change is needed to use your new iPhone 4/4S.

Hope this helps.


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