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iPhone 4S insurance ?


iPhone 4S insurance ?

I read a post that insurance is now offered for iPhones, but only after purchased a certain date. Why not offer it to those of us that purchased a few months ago by making it available if you take it to Sprint or Apple and have it inspected ?  I asked about insurance when I upgraded last June and they said not offered, only 2year for $99 through Apple which I did purchase. It doesn't seem fair that its not available especially since I have been Sprint customer for over 10 years now


Re: iPhone 4S insurance ?

thats the same thing I said. Im so pissed. My sons iphone was stolen in school and he only had it for almost 2 months. This insurance should be available for everyone not just new customers. I completly dont get it and Im  having second thoughts about keeping Sprint. I have been a customer for over 10 years as well and the only option they are telling me is to pay full price or downgrade to one of thier pre owned phones. I'm thinking of cutting the service..


Re: iPhone 4S insurance ?

I was lucky, I just recently got an iPhone through Sprint so I'm covered. However, customer service needs to remind new customers of the iPhones about the insurance because they did not mention it to me and it was after a few days and reading online that I saw they offered the insurance and called Sprint back. The lady said I was lucky I called within the 30 days of buying the phone because after that I could not have got the insurance. I got the TEP insurance through Sprint and not the Apple Care. I was told I could get whichever I wanted, but Apple Care did not cover as much as the Sprint TEP, and I wanted total protection. The deductible with Sprints TEP if I have to replace the phone is a little more than Apple Care, but I think worth it.

Re: iPhone 4S insurance ?


I have some great news! We're going to be holding a TEP open enrollment for the month of March! Feel free to send me a PM on 03/01/2013 and I'd be glad to assist you with getting coverage for your iPhone!

Thanks so much for all of your feedback!



Sprint Social Care Team


Re: iPhone 4S insurance ?

From what I've been told on here, you can either have TEP or Applecare +, you cannot have both. The only thing different betwen the 2 is TEP covers lost/stolen, applecare + does not, TEP's deductible is $200, Applecare + is $49. TEP $11 p/m, Applecare + $99 2/yr coverage.
So if you have a cracked screen or liquid damage with TEP you pay $200, Cracked screen/liquid damage with Applecare + $49.


Re: iPhone 4S insurance ?

Yes, thats right. You cannot have both. To me the TEP was best because I prefer lost/stolen coverage. I do wish the deductible for the 4S were a lil cheaper, but its much cheaper than having to buy a entire new phone. I'm glad to see there will be an open enrollment for everyone! 

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