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iPhone 4S no Wi-Fi on Standby.


iPhone 4S no Wi-Fi on Standby.

Quick story

My device is: Sprint iPhone 4S 32GB

I understand that the iPhone automatically switches back to 3G from Wi-Fi in standby to conserve battery. The problem with that is that I have bad coverage inside my house and it drains my battery because my iPhone is always trying to get a 3G signal. Simple fix to that is to go to settings > General > Network and turn off Cellular Data which in terms turns off 3G and forces all data via Wi-FI (If you have a Wi-Fi network set up)

My issue

When I do this my iPhone sends and receives iMessage quickly because it is sending them over Wi-Fi, but as I press the power button and lock my screen approximately after 15 seconds my iPhone turns off the Wi-Fi and it is left with no connection thus my iMessage and emails no longer get pushed, including face time calls and any other app that uses push. Is this an issue for everyone? Because I read the forums and users say their iPhone remains with Wi-Fi on during standby. It would be nice if you could test this theory and state what carrier you are on and so on.

Thank you for those that took the time to read and provided feedback, I value your time and post.



I also posted this on the offical apple forums.

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