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iPhone 4S not receiving texts


iPhone 4S not receiving texts

We have (6) iPhones on our account and none are receiving text messages from other types of phones other than the iPhone. I called customer support which left me on hold forever until I hung up. Please help solve this issue!



Thanks for the post.

This is definitely something I want to look in to. Please tell me, when did this first start? Also are all the devices in the same location? If yes, where are you? Please provide a zip code and nearest cross streets. Lastly has anything been done, such as power-cycling and of the devices, or performing a service update?

We are here and ready to assist.


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My husband and I both have iphone4s. His we bought used and mine was an upgrade from his line but we set it up on my phone line. Since I go this phone it has never worked correctly, I can only receive text messages and calls while at home since I have the airwave. I have tried to call myself from work and my phone does not ring, my mother and friends have texted me and I do not receive them; sometimes I will receive them once I get home like 4 hrs later. I cannot receive calls or text messages. My data service works, I receive facebook and instagram notifications. I could care less if my data works just want to be able to receive calls and text messages like a cell phone is suppose to work. Please help.

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