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iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

AndyiPhone wrote:

I was an earlier poster on this thread.  I'm in Overland Park, KS, and was excited about switching to Sprint with the iPhone.  The dismal speeds caused me to cancel my plan 2 days after I activated the iPhone.

I have been reading all the posts hoping to see Sprint figure things out to no avail.

A couple of things I wanted to add

First, Sprint gave me a full refund, without a restocking fee.  I was not charged an activation fee.

Second, a couple of posters comment that they AT&T, wo whom I switched, has limited data, as though they would run out.  That is not the case, they simply charge you an extra $10 per gig over plan.  Thats not too bad.  the worst Ive seen is a coworkers wife who watched hulu and netflix all day for a month.  Her usage was 13 gig.  Thats an extra $90.00.  Not too bad really.

I do hope Sprint gets it together by iPhone 5 time.  I would love to try to switch again

90 dollar a month is not too bad. That 2,160 dollars in two year which is a lot of money you could save with Sprint. Just FYI 10 dollars for 1gb is way over prices it cost att pennies to deliver that 1 gb. I think people who are still with Sprint with low data usage are here cause they want to save money and not spend or support ATT if not they would have left by now like you did. Plus we all now that Sprint is working with Apple to fix the problem and investing in getting the fastest network with LTE advance.


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

@Wirelessness Wow man that doesn't sound right.  Tell them you want to stay on Sprint but don't want the phone anymore if you're gonna return it, but seriously I'd stay on it because it rocks.  Just give them a little time to fix the issues.  Not like it was gonna be perfect when it came to the network.


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

@AndyiPhone Hey Andy I wish you didn't give up on the iPhone on Sprint but I get it.  I'm not paying an extra 90 bucks though.  I already pay 240 for my 1200 minute family plan.  I also pay for the hotspot so I can stream on my iPad.  When my kids get their iPhone 4's they are gonna be pulling in 10 GB per phone for them so I would be 10 to 15 on me, and then 20 for them.  That's insane.  They do have limited data and when we say limited we mean you pay them 100+ a month for 2GB of data and then after that you get hit with 10 per GB.  That's messed up.  My mom is on ATT but she was grandfathered in with unlimited.  I told her to stay because one the new iPHone would be faster data wise but also she has unlimited.  I recommend a lot of tech stuff for friends, family and coworkers and the ones who don't have unlimited I say two things one Sprint is cheaper and two unlimited until they probably have to shut that down and grandfather people in as well.  I posted on here the problem with ATT.  Their network is at capacity and the T-Mobile deal will NOT happen at all.  I've heard rumors T-Mobile will be split in two and Sprint will get one half and ATT the other, but that isn't enough for ATT.  They needed all of T-Mobile thats why when Sprint bid 15 Billion ATT put in 23 Billion or it was around 10 billion more then Sprint.  I'm eating lunch cause I haven't eaten yet, but you can look up the exact numbers.  ATT had to buy T-Mobile or their network would suffer to the point people paid to leave.  That's what you went back too.  I wish you would have talked to me cause I would have said hey ok if you're mad at Sprint go to Verizon because their network can handle it.  ATT is sinking fast.  So I'm sorry you locked yourself onto the Titanic.  90 bucks YIKES lol.


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

I talked to a technician at Sprint and they are updating their network on a five year plan and they are 2 years ahead of schedule.  LTE was announced like 6 months ago BTW.  It happened because lovely clearwire, aka the provider of Sprint's current 4G tech, has been stonewalling Sprint and wanting Sprint to pay more money.  So they decided to move to LTE by paying 25 Billion to light squared.  But besides that they have been expanding the capacity for each tower, building ontop of the PCS Network.  So all these people slamming Sprint and saying they left I'm laughing at because they are missing out on what's to come and two they are jumping to ATT that is at capacity and lost its only lifeline, T-Mobile.  Sprint is probably getting T-Mobile or at least half of it as Giz and Engadnet reported a few months back when the DOJ said ATT's deal with T-Mobile is dead.  So I'm laughing my arse off when people say ATT is better because it's literally a dead man walkin.


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

SAXGOD - Finish eating your lunch and drink it down with that Sprint cool aid your drinking. You don't need to repeat yourself in every post! Apparently you like Sprint and your staying - good for you, but don't knock the people that are giving their advice about their Iphones on different networks. I just bailed form Sprint last Friday to get my new Iphone form Verizon. My speeds are great, I get to download everything that I want when I want  and the phone is working like it is suppose to be. If I pay more at least I'm able to use it more. Unlimited data is useless if you can't use it!

Sprint is not fixing it anything anytime soon. They don't even want to acknowledge a problem publilcy.  ( I can't blame them) All you have heard is comments from third party blogs/websites but not directly from Sprint  or their website and all you hear from customer service is - blah blah blah our towers are down etc...


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

@Fipronil Now see I don't mind peoples comments when they are Sprint customers but to say they would rather jump to ATT is laughable.  If you know much about IT stuff which I think you do then you know ATT is SOL because their network is at capacity and now that T-Mobile is not an option ATT is going down quicker then Sprint with network problems.  They are in the process of upgrading the network for Sprint right now.  So if there is issues I can say with some confidence it won't last for long.  Like I said a month.  But after that everything will be fine.  Verizon and ATT both had their growing pains in the beginning.  Verizon has done better in handling them but ATT has not.  Sprint also knows what to expect with the iPhone and they have been expanding like crazy.  So yes there are problems in the first month of having it on the Sprint network, but be patient give them time.  You and I will probably have the iPHone 5 at the same time and it will probably be a LTE phone.  So enjoy Verizon.  It is more suited for the iPHone right now because it had a year to get used to everything.  Sprint will be where Verizon is in a year.  I'm glad you jumped to Verizon though because if you jumped to ATT I was gonna laugh at you because your problems are just starting.  They can't fix their problems lol.  So you picked the right company to jump to if you didn't like Sprint.  Too bad you didn't give them a chance.  And I'm lovin the Sprint Crystal Light LOL.  It tastes great.  We both can agree ATT is going down though right?


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

After calling Retentions they were able to confirm that my 14 day return period starts from the Day of Activation not pre-order.  I think there was a mix up in the computer because my contract date actually began on the pre-order date as well.  It's sorted out now so I can return the iPhone if I want.

Honestly, one of the main things I hate to give up is Sprint's Google Voice integration.  It works so well with the iPhone to have all my calls and texts go to and from my Google Voice number w/o having to even run the Google Voice App.  This is very nice.


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

If you can get the ##UPDATE# to stick, do not run it again or turn the phone off.  It just took me 10+ UPDATEs and power cycle to get my wifes 4S working as fast as mine.  Speaking of mine, I ran a test at each big intersection on the way home over the course of 11 miles and here are my results:


P = 218

DL - 0.85

UL = 0.28


P = 308

DL = 0.52

UL = 0.14


P = 230

DL = 0.68

UL = 0.43


P = 211

DL = 1.09

UL = 0.23

Home (32812) at 4:34pm

P = 366

DL = 0.61

UL = 0.30

Home - 6:58pm

P = 287

DL = 1.02

UL = 0.40

Overall, I think Sprint has fixed alot of the issues I've experienced so far and my hope is that these speeds will be consistent (or better) with each passing day.  If that is the case, then I will smile with each byte over 2GB each month

Just a recap, last week I averaged less than 0.25 DL at work between 9am and 4pm, and then I averaged less than 0.40 DL at home during the evenings.  Yesterday I noticed an improvement that put my DLs at work around 0.40 and at home around 0.50.  Today has been MUCH better, averaging over 1.25 DL all day at work and over 0.70 at home.


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

@SAXGOD - We all know you're a Sprint fanboi, probably hired by Sprint to post comments to make their network look good but the reality is that, Sprint's network can't handle all the new customers which is a clear reflection of what's happening right now. Sprint should of invested the money they payed to Apple for the Iphone and used it on it's crappy network, to make it less crappy. You talk like everythings going to get fixed in no time...... the REALITY is.... that's not going to happen anytime soon, It's going to take Sprint 1-2 years minimum to actually improve their service. They say they're expanding to LTE Advance in 2013 or have it running by then but what good is that for the new and current users on the Sprint network? Their current network is a joke, even before the Iphone came out, I was getting no more than .30 mbs on my Evo 4G and their 4G couldn't be any worse, in terms of realibility and connection. Only good thing i have to say about Sprint is that their voice quality have been good but for that you might aswell stick to non smartphones. I advice any new customer that recently bought the Iphone 4S on Sprint's network and are experiencing this horrible data speed..... IT'S NOT GOING TO GET FIXED ANYTIME SOON. Do yourself a favor and return to your previous provider before you get locked into Sprint.


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

FYI, here's the best article that I've read so far on the Sprint iPhone data download speed issues:

"Sprint has been offloading much of its data on its [4G] Clearwire WiMax  network, but the iPhone doesn't support WiMax, so that means Sprint's  CDMA network has to carry all the load," said In-Stat's Allen Nogee.


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

@LaurentD Just because I like a network a lot doesn't mean I'm working for them.  I wish they gave me discounts for being so nice and talking about them, but you're wrong.  They have been upgrading the PCS Network for a few years now.  I have no idea where you are located, but in Dallas my 4G was around 6mpbs but since I live outside Dallas I hardly get to use it since while I'm working I'm in a big building facing away from the tower that Clearwires Wimax is broadcasting on.  So I can't get 4G but my 3G is solid.  I get around 1.2mbps but during the workday hours it drops to .5mbps.  Now if you live in a city say like NYC then yea Sprint will ALWAYS suck for you.  Why you ask, because Sprint's network is completely tower based unlike Verizon which is what anyone in NYC should switch too because you can get service through their combination of tower and fiber network.  Places like Dallas or anywhere, where the terrain is spread out you should be fine with Sprint service.  Now if you aren't then they are working on getting the network upgraded.  Don't jump to ATT because you're just asking for problems.  Like I've said many times on here ATT is at capacity and T-Mobile was their saving grace and they lost that now.  So the problems ATT are having won't get fixed and if they do it's temporary.  Sprint is the true alternative to Verizon.  Sprint can expand it's network just as easy as Verizon can.  So what I'm saying is if there are problems realize it's two weeks into the launch.  Give them a break and let them sort it all out because Sprint's network does has enough capacity to do what it says it will do.  I understand people not being able to open email and stuff like that, but if you're like me and able to run all your data stuff with no problem, but only getting .5mbps down and about the same up then oh well.  You're still getting the stuff you're requesting through your apps.

As for you LaurentD I don't know why your service wasn't so good.  Maybe you live in a city, maybe the coverage isn't so good.  I'd be calling asking why you don't have service.  I'm assuming you're doing your speedtests when you have 5 to 6 bars(depending on which phone you have, ie iphone has 5, android has 6).  If you only have 3 bars then know your data speeds are dictated by how strong your signal is to the phone.  But if you guys don't believe me call Sprint and ask them about their network.  If you're new to Sprint give them a chance.  The worse that can happen is you pay cheaper for two years and then you can jump to Verizon for the 5 and pay more for less.  I seriously am shocked that so many people are upset about their download and upload speeds.  I wish you guys didn't have so many problems, but laurent you're the first I've heard had problems with a non iPhone device.  Most say why is my Epic or Evo getting faster data then my iPhone and you're saying you can't get any faster speeds.  That would suggest you're either in a city with a lot of tall buildings or the coverage there isn't that great.  Not to be exact but where about are you located?


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

So annoyed with Sprint. Called for tech support and he had the nerve to say that only a few people are having problems. Really because this thread alone has over 169,000 views. Seems like more than a few.

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