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iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

This is the speedtest screen capture I did on my brand new iPhone 4S.  As you can see, I got .016Mbps down and 0.05Mbps up.  For those of you want to say maybe the network is just slow in my area.  I did the same test with Samsung Epic Touch with 4G turned off at the same spot.  It's 3 times faster.  Is sprint crippling iPhone data rate, or there is something wrong with iPhone CDMA radio itself.


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My Experience!

After been with Sprint for 13 days I decide to return my 2 Iphones back! THANKS GOOD!!!

I want to provide my experience with Sprint and other networks, I do not belong or work for any mobile company.

Why I port my number to Sprint from Verizon?

-Because I toght I will have a good service, I was paying with Verizon $120.00 for only 1 line and with Sprint I will end paying $150.00 for 2 phones.


-Data Speed is around 0.02kpbs download and 0.00 Kpbs upload speed , there is no way I can use the service

Photo Oct 25, 3 53 33 PM.pngPhoto Oct 20, 1 30 32 PM.png

-Some times I have to wait about 15 minutes to send an email WITHOUT attackment, a 40K email

-Siri does not work, most of the time, even with the 3G active and full bars.

Photo Oct 24, 2 28 43 PM.png

-Coverage problem, comparing with other carriers, Sprint have less coverage is not really bad , but that will become a issue later on.


Now I went back to Verizon (my original carrier) they have new plans and less expensive.

With Sprint I Had:

2 Iphones

1400 shared minutes to land lines

Unlimited calling to any mobile number

Free nights and weekends (start 7pm)

Unlimited text

Unlimited Data

All for $150.00

With Verizon I have now:

2 Iphones

700 Shared minutes to land lines

Unlimited calling to any mobile number

Free nights ad weekends (nights start 9pm)

Unlimited Text

Unimited Data for 2 lines (they were able to keep my previous plan I had before) be aware if you are a new customer , they will give you 2gb data

All for $165.00

$15.00 more than Sprint


With Verizon, my speed go from 1Mbps up to 1.98mbps


My thoughts

I really wanted to stay with Sprint, but not under these circumstances, I cancel my service on October 25th and I see people still facing problems.

Sprint's network was not prepared to receive so much Iphones. I recommend do a little research before port your number to any carrier.

And 90% of the time , you get what you pay for.


It's the towers. When upgraded, everything changes overnight. Sprintcares told me they would be upgrading our towers the end of the month. The first pic are the speeds I was getting a few days ago, even during low usage times early in the mornings. The second is what I've been getting since yesterday. It is burning now, and has been that way for 48 hours straight, in a variety of locations, as I noted above. They need to upgrade the towers in your area. If you contact him via PM he can probably tell you what the status of your towers are in terms of upgrading.




Today after much suffering due to extremely slow Internet speeds, I left work early to go to Sprint store and tell them about the issue. Upon getting there I meet this customer service representative and I open the speed test app and show him the 0.02 mbps downloading speed and he responds by saying "this is normal download speed and you have no issue"... I reply back but I used to get 5.5+ mbps downloading speeds on at&t and he responds by saying "this is Sprint's normal downloading speed, at&t has 3g Plus and we only have 3g".

All I have to say is Sprint has trapped its customers and does not even have the decency to acknowledge the problem.


Guys report your issue to CNN. Maybe if we can get enough people to report the issue CNN might run it on their news and talk shows. Here is the link:


Lets see how Sprint feels about its bad PR after this issue is raised nationwide.


Agreed. All this is doing is creating a large group of disgruntled Sprint customers who are now trapped into their contracts because the trial periods have lapsed.

Luckily I bought my iPhone 4S from apple.com and had 30 days to return it, rather than Sprint's 14 day policy.

I got out as soon as I could. The most frustrating thing is them telling me that this is an "isolated" issue. 109 page forum??? Is that isolated?

Sprint is going down in flames, especially with the way they've treated us iPhone 4S'ers.

I went to ATT, they were so kind, and my iPhone 4S regularly pulls down about 3.5 mbps down and 1.2 up. Happy as can be. I couldn't care less about unlimited data, especially when my unlimited data was coming in around .02 mbps.

What happens when we don't keep up our end of the contract? Late fees, cancelation of service, etc. What happens when Sprint doesn't keep up their end of the contract? Nothing.


I promise, it's not just Sprint. My fiancee has an iPhone 4 on AT&T, and lately, the speeds have been downright horrible on his phone. He always had fast data speeds-- usually a little bit faster than mine, and I get things fast on my Evo-- and ever since the iPhone 4s came out, his internet has been downright sluggish unless he's connected to our WiFi connection. I think all of the carriers are a little bit waterlogged right now with the iPhone 4s release.

Although really, I've developed a theory that it might just be the iPhones themselves. I've heard a lot of complaints on these forums about the service issues with the iPhone, and these are problems my fiancee's had since he first got his iPhone a year-and-a-half ago, and with his 3GS before that. He would go to send a call-- boom. "Call Failed". The call would often fail in the middle of the call. He would lose signal randomly. When I tried to call him, it would go straight to voicemail. I really think it's just a problem on Apple's end. I don't know anyone with a Verizon iPhone, so I can't say whether or not that's true, but I'd honestly assume that they have similar issues. Whereas my Evo works great. I don't have any service issues, except for a dropped call maybe once every two months.


No that sounds like Just ATT to me... Because ATT drops calls all the time, and part of that is the "call failed" thing Its not an iphone thing... atleast hardware wise... It might be the software in the baseband that allows it to work with sprint, people on verizon have good speeds and ATT people have above good speeds


If I did not have wifi at home and at work I would be much angrier than I am.  My 3g speeds are so slow that many apps simply do not function at all.  Come on Sprint GET HONEST.  WHY DOES YOUR  3G

SERVICE SUCK!!  Unlimited plans are a joke...at my current average 3G speeds it will take me several months to achieve 2GB to 3GB of usage.

Happy Holidays....Another unsatisfied iPhone 4S customer


I agree. I Just bought a new iphone 4s not less than 6hours ago, and have been using my home wifi to do everything, from downloading aps to SETTING UP MY PHONE.

I knew the data speeds would be a risk, given the huge unresolved chain on the forum, but decided to try it out given the grace period. On that note, the guy at the apple store repeatedly told me it was 30 days despite my confronting him with 14 days, so beware! He also told me there would be no re-stocking fee since I bought it at the apple store. Hope he wasn't wrong/lying about that either!

That being said, my speeds appear to be better than what most people are reporting here. (Ping 87ms, Down 0.82 Mbps, Up 0.12 Mbps; Riverside CA 92501).  Its still TOO SLOW to really be functional. Basic web pages without a lot of graphics pull up, I can play youtube videos with frequent stop/start. I absolutely cannot get ANY use on Apples apstore with these speeds. Heck, I had to switch to wi-fi just to download speedtest!

The obvious hope is that things will improve, as many have said, Sprint has made a huge investment here. Unlimited data is still a huge deal, given how much I will likely use my phone. And I do LOVE my new iphone and icloud when its working properly.


I had the same issues with Sprint. I decided I was going to eat the early termination fee to switch to AT&T, I even waited out a month with my AT&T 4S on backorder using an awful phone.

Every time I got on the phone wanting to cancel my account they'd ask why i was cancelling, I'd say low data speeds, they'd tell me that my area on the map says I should be in high coverage. I'd tell them that it wasn't giving me even 5% of the advertised speeds, and they'd say they could put in a note to have it worked on. This happened multiple times over multiple representatives. I switched to AT&T and this was my first speedtest result:

Vote with your wallet.


This is how they expect you to use your DATA plan:




lowspeed wrote:

This is how they expect you to use your DATA plan:



That interesting because I read this morning about a company that can force you to use certain part of your data usage on wifi in there term of use. http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/367490

Also my data speed (this in a university that has more than 13,000 students) has been in the range of  .5 to .6mbps during peak time (on the blackberry 3g). My neighbor back in Miami change from tmobile to Sprint (3 lines) and got the iphone 4s. As soon as I get back home this next week I we will do a speed test with my phone and his iphone at the same time to see if there is a noticable difference in speed. (as in if he has .3 or lower)

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