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iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

Fastest 3G Speed ever.PNG

Yes! Finally, the best score so far with my Sprint iPhone 4s! Go Detroit, Michigan . Anyone dare to beat my score?


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

I had moved to sprint from tmobile just for the iphone, and since day one I was having problems with speeds, it is unacceptable, they cant support the iphone on the now network, I called every day. they always said the same thing it is a know issue and no ETA to fix or we don't see anything wrong in your area or the network towers is down. its all B.S., at the end they offer me to go get an android phone and would not have problems, I came to sprint for an iphone, if I wanted an android I would stay with I could take anymore and went back to tmobile for unlimited everything for 70 bucks a month (first 5gb 4g after that they cut back you speed), but its hard to use all 5gb, have a galaxy s2 (I wish it was an iphone), but at least it works and I got 16.4 mbps download speeds today (awesome). besides not have the iphone I'm very happy again. I was under the 14 days trial so I only had to pay for the 35 bucks restocking fee and my screen protector. (50 bucks loss). sprint loss another 2 years contract, a good customer since I pay my bill on time, and a iphone that has to go back and be resold as a refurbished. if the dont fix this quickly they are going to get in trouble.


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

Excellet advise.  I just filed complaints with the FCC, FTC and my state Atorney General.  I recommend everyone do the same.  40 hours on the telephone being lied to is excessive (and that is just me.)  There are 600,000 people watching this thread, financial leverage is not the only kind of leverage to apply.


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

Below is a copy of my complaints with the FCC , FTC, and Hawaii Attorney General

I left my previous cell phone service provider about 4 months ago to move to Sprint.

The sole reason for me moving to Sprint was to get the Iphone 4 and the advertised 3g speeds. The problem for me is that I have NEVER received anywhere NEAR "3g" service.  I cannot surf the web, watch online videos, or send pictures as attachments, either I get a error saying something like "lost connection" or the phone just sits loading content… forever when on Sprints wireless network! I am NOT ABLE to communicate reliably with my spouse who is deployed to Afghanistan, nor is she able to communicate with me reliably while using this Iphone on Sprints network.

There are over 149 pages of complaints for a total of over 1,000 complaints regarding this same issue, from all over the USA. Please see Sprints OFFICIAL forum at I have repeatedly contacted Sprint to try to get this issue resolved, and time and time again I am given the run around or am told "..we are working on this issue…" It has been 4 months, and I have invested over $800 in purchasing the phone and paying for a service that has never worked correctly. The Iphone 4 is the SOLE REASON I left my previous provider. If the phone does not work as advertised, there is absolutely no reason for me to stay with Sprint. Again Ive been more than patient, its been 4 months and again I have invested nearly $800 in Sprint, paying every bill, and paying ON TIME. I contacted Sprint again today about this same issue, unusable internet, and I was told its a "known issue and we have no estimated time of repair." I have heard this for 4 months now… I believe it is nothing more than a "stalling tactic" while Sprint continues to collect user fees for a service that does NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED. I was told today there is a $375 early terminate fee. Would you pay to cancel a service that has NEVER WORKED PROPERLY and Sprint refuses to fix the problem? Ive already invested $800 for sub par service.

It has been 4 months, and Ive paid Sprint almost $800 in total, but my issue has NEVER been resolved. At this point I am only interested in cancelling my account and paying NO EARLY TERMINATION FEE. I am more than willing to RETURN THE IPHONE TO SPRINT, if they will REFUND the $99 I paid for the phone, and likewise refund the $99 insurance plan I purchased.

Again, this is DECEPTIVE advertising practices, and I have been victimized by Sprint.

Can you please help me with this issue? I should NOT have to pay Sprint and ADDITIONAL $375 to cancel sub par, not as advertised, cell phone service. I appreciate your time.

Sprints Contact Info as listed on their webpage at

For account questions & customer service: *2 from your Sprint phone
Help with Sprint phones: 888-211-4727

Mailing Address:


6391 Sprint Parkway

Overland Park KS 66251-4300


Link to file complaint with Federal Trade Commission

Link to file a compliant wit the Federal Communications Commission


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

well, i think that it is a serious problem from Sprint because it is not only you, but a lot of people complaining... i heard about a webpage to make "request" to companies..

It is a big deal for you to get the oportunity to change carrier, in this case the best one is ATT, but they are changing their plans, 30 dlls for 3GB, so you are going to be paying about 110 per line... of couse you can save some bucks in a family plan,  but anyway...

I think that those 10 dlls per user should be destinated to install good antenas in a time manner... you know, a lot of cities does not have 4G, when they installed the 4G, our new mobile devices will be 5G or better.


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

So, I went to the store today to complain about speeds and to cancel the service without an ETF. They gave me a number to call to get direct to the account services department.  I spoke to a rep, who escalated, the escalated rep said she couldn't do anything, I asked to be escalated again, she said sure, and I was put back into the beginning of the phone queue where I was hung up on, before I even explained why I called.

Called back, got a rep, was again hung up on before I explained why I called.

3rd time is a charm right?  WRONG Got a rep, rep escalated.  He told me that they'd have to create a ticket and that it wasn't a problem everywhere, I guess he's never been on the internet before or something. He escalated me (I sat on hold 15 minutes to get to the next tier mind you) where the overseeing superviser told me point blank "WE are not having data speed issues on the iPhone, if you're having an issue with your device, take it to be serviced.  he REALLY doesn't know how to use the internet.  He PATRONIZED me by saying "Do you believe everything you read on the internet?  Would you do something just because someone told you to do it?  Mocking me and my ability to think critically and for myself.  I asked to be escalated again, he informed me that no one above him works on a saturday and that I will recieve a call from the regional manager on Monday on my cellphone.

In short, not only does their data speeds suck onthe iPhone, but evidently their speed to process information in general.  Their customer support is as bad as the data speeds on the iPhone itself.


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

Not as bad as I expected.  Seems people are getting things done if they file with the FCC.  That is a good start.  I see people saying they are going to file with the BBB.  Dont waste your time.  The BBB is a joke and will not doing anything.  Im not sure what the point of the BBB rating is as they do not post customer complaints on businesses.

Its just sad anyone has to do what you and others went through.  Especially when a company charges you almost $100 a month for their service.  I think the smaller carriers probably supply better service network and customer wise.  After my contract is up I am going prepaid.  I am no longer comfortable with a contract.  It has become obvious to me that the contract puts the customer in tight reigns.  But allows the service provider the freedom to do as they please and change the contract as they see fit.


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

Honestly, really only called once on the initial trouble ticket on October 17th, with a brief follow up. No more than 1/2 hour there.

Once to get my first credit of $20 in November, so 20 minutes there.

10 minutes to file the FCC complaint, and about 45 minutes total the 2 most recent calls Tuesday and today.

Also spoke to Apple in October about another issue, but did ask about this as well, so not counting that time.

So figure an hour and a half total. Well worth the $100 dollar credit so far!

Now, the amount of time researching to give me the proper knowledge to refute Sprint CSR's silly scripted dialog.....


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

I just had an online chat with a CSR regarding the speed issue.   We went through the update, etc.    

When I asked what speeds I should reasonably expect, I was quoted the speed stats for the GSM version of the iphone.   GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA...

How I wish I were making this up.

I'm thinking about running into the Apple store to see if they have any additional insight into the problem.  


Re: iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

Not bad at all.  And in total all it took was filing a FCC complaint and how many hours on the phone in total with Sprint?

snowtrooper66 wrote:


Just received 80 dollar credit as compensation for slow data speeds the past few months....

This was from engineering team member checking on my trouble ticket.

They called back to rerun the speedtest and field test.

I told them I thought that was a waste of time, since the test results from Tuesday indicated network overload issue.

Was told they had run a tower test after conversation on Tuesday, and that tower was in the correct percentile for good 3G data speeds.

I told the rep I'm sure it was, between 2-5 am, but any other time my 3G data speeds are 1/3 advertised minimum of 600kbps both at home and work.

Told rep what I said in my last post that I believe they will eventually get this sorted, and that I was willing to wait, but unhappy with the $20 premium data charges tacked onto monthly account for both lines. She basically said she agreed with everything we were discussing and offered the $80 credit.....