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iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

This is the speedtest screen capture I did on my brand new iPhone 4S.  As you can see, I got .016Mbps down and 0.05Mbps up.  For those of you want to say maybe the network is just slow in my area.  I did the same test with Samsung Epic Touch with 4G turned off at the same spot.  It's 3 times faster.  Is sprint crippling iPhone data rate, or there is something wrong with iPhone CDMA radio itself.


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I have been trying to download the speedtest app on 3G for the last 45 minutes, that's how slow my network is.


Look how much i was paying to Sprint and the internet speed was the worst i ever seen. Now with StraightTalk i have a better service, great internet speed, unlimited calls, unlimited text messages ( international included ) my payment is $45 ( without contracts ). I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S II GSM android phone ( Straight Talk uses AT&T's GSM infrastructure ) and i'm very happy now .....I also had Unlimited everyhting with Sprint but every month was a different story to justify additional charges ( the $83.74 is the Early Termination Fee ).

Date Ascending DescendingActivity Ascending DescendingPayment method Ascending DescendingAmount Ascending Descending
04/29/2012 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$83.74
03/29/2012 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$136.71
02/29/2012 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$213.54
01/29/2012 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$132.24
12/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$137.26
11/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$140.02
10/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$98.67
09/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$169.59
08/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$169.36
07/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$168.21
06/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$174.55
05/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$179.35
04/29/2011 Payment Recurring Credit Card -$159.94

So I've been reporting the extremely slow data speeds to sprint customer care since I purchase 2 iPhones back in December 2011. I've always followed their troubleshooting steps, reset my network settings, reboot, they refresh my services, and then ##update.

The steps never change and my data speeds like everyone else here never improve. I've opened several "CTMS" tickets and they simply repeat the same troubleshooting steps that never work. I do side by side comparisons with my sprint iphone and any other sprint phone both on 3G and the iPhone is consistently 10x slower. So I've come up with a plan that I think may get their attention...

I downloaded an app called CoverageMap by RootMetrics from the apple app store. It tests the signal and data speed from my phone and uploads the results to the app developers database. The results are then plotted on a map along with the results of other app users. You can also press a button to report slow internet, no Internet, dropped call, etc...

It's a nice and simple app and you can compare the results of different carriers. If we can get other sprint iPhone 4s users to do the same, we could draw some public attention to this issue which would hopefully pressure sprint to address the issue. Or at the very least it would give sprint users the info they need to switch carriers if they are tired of suffering with no resolution.

We could also create a twitter hash tag and upload screen shots of our poor data results from this app to make this really public...

Since I have unlimited data I like to run the "continous test" option in this app overnight or when I'm out and about around the Minneapolis area. I've generated several Gigabits of data. If all of us do the same I can't see why it wouldn't get attention. Btw make sure to keep your iPhone plugged in or bring your charger and also turn off your wifi when testing.

Thoughts?? Suggestions? Twitter hash tag?



I forgot to mention, the last call to sprint customer care, I demanded credit for the premium data fee of 10.00 per month, hotspot, and sprinttv for both phones on my account since they were activated. Along with ongoing credits for these until the slow data speed is resolved and to open another CTMS ticket.

The rep told me that they couldn't do either because the slow data on the iPhone was a "known issue" and they would have to wait until its fixed to determine how much credit I need.

This was the FIRST time I heard a Sprint rep acknowledge there was an issue.

Has anyone else had a similar experience or was this rep just trying to get me off the phone?




I like this idea, but we would need more than two people to do it. I am downloading the app now.

Sprint told me the same thing, they cant give me a credit until after the issue if fixed so they know how much to give me. I say, give me credit for the data I have paid for, and take that "premium" data fee off of my account until its fixed. I don't think mobile dial up should count as premium data.

I am going to call today and talk about terminating and see what they say.


thanks Ryan!

lets see how many people from here will join us. word of mouth is very powerful especially with a dissatisfied customer...

im trying to think of a creative twitter hash...






just a couple ideas but trying to be creative and simple. I was also thinking that we could tweet whatever hash we create and include other well known hashes, ie nascar or apple...




So Sprint did a fairly good job in training their customer service reps. One of them volunteered to call me every week just to make sure things are going okay. At first, I had 17 tickets pending on my account. They finished working on one tower, and I was down to 14 tickets. I asked which tower it was and they told me that it was the main Chicago tower. Also, they told me that the remaining work will be done by the end of June. So I was fairly happy seeing some 1.4-1.8 Mbps...compared to my usual 60kbps. However, that lasted only two days, weird right!?

I'm back to the usual crawl. What's more irritating is my other line which is mainly located in Elmhurst, IL. It's a nice town, really close to Chicago. Heck you can even see downtown from there. Don't even think about getting any Data there. You can't even call anybody unless you're standing out in your back yard (front yard didn't work). If it's cloudy or rain then forget it. Turn off all electricity to get back to whatever era Sprint is on.

So...any ideas how I can get out of this pathetic contract? Did you guys have any luck convicing T-Mobile or AT&T to buy you guys out? Basically, I'm looking to get out of paying that early termination fee.


I sent a short, friendly letter directly to the CEO of Sprint telling of the 50+ telephone calls and 40+ hours I had spent calling Sprint's help desk.  I got a call from someone assigned by Mr. Hess to contact me.  I subbmitted a 40 page report to this person, with a log of my 50 calls, giving the date, time, name and ID of the person I talked to and the content of the conversation.  Sprint bought my iPhone 4s back.  I purchased an unlocked iPhone 4s directly from the Apple store.  I moved my telephone number to AT&T on a no-contract, month to month account with no ETF from Sprint.  I have had perfect high speed data service from the day I moved to AT&T.  My bill is lower and the phone works.


#NowLoadingNetwork ?

I called again, the rep offered me $25 off this months bill, this coveres almost all of the premium data charges for the three iphones I have on my account. I told him I would be calling back every month until it is fixed expect to get that credit. He seemed open to the idea, but we shall see how it goes next month. I am told that come August I should improvements because of the LTE being rolled out and therefore less people on 3G, but I am not holding my breathe. My ETFs are about 1200.00 right now, so by August if I dont see improvements it should be much less. If they don't fix it by then I plan to bail and go to court over the ETFs. I will submit complaints regularly between now and then to validate my claims. It is sad that these are the lengths we must go through. Apple should really look in to this too, it seems to me their hardware is part of the problem here.

Greg -

My plan is to document my terrible service over the course of the next few months, The Sprint rep I spoke with told me their minimum data speeds should be no less than 400kbps, so by their own standars they are not providing me what I am paying for, nor you. I honestly think this should be a class action lawsuit. How much money have I paid in to Sprint for "premium" data, and how much "premium" data have any of us received?


I've been back with AT&T onmy 4S for about a month now and thought I'd pop in to see if anything has changed and obviously nothing has. Dang shame. BTW, I regularly get 4-5 even up to 7Mbps for download speeds!

Is the slow data speed just an iPhone issue or for all Sprint phones?


It is an issue for all Sprint Phones in the whole country and will continue being an issue because the deployment of the LTE Network is gona take till 2014 - 2015 ...  i don't believe Sprint will survive all that time , it's more likely Sprint will be purchased by another company like Google , Apple ....

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