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iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful


iPhone 4S on 3G data network too slow to be useful

This is the speedtest screen capture I did on my brand new iPhone 4S.  As you can see, I got .016Mbps down and 0.05Mbps up.  For those of you want to say maybe the network is just slow in my area.  I did the same test with Samsung Epic Touch with 4G turned off at the same spot.  It's 3 times faster.  Is sprint crippling iPhone data rate, or there is something wrong with iPhone CDMA radio itself.


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Tkt Number: 18903395-111108


They'd rather just ignore it until we stop complaining.


Can't use data unless I am on a WiFi b/c it too slow. Metro Detroit.



Shantimt wrote:

I did want to got back to my old phone, but it wasn't possible. Because it was falling to pieces, literally. I had it held together with Scotch tape! When I went to Sprint, they pressed me to get a new phone. I tried a couple of phones in previous years, and wasn't happy with their usability. I went back to the Nokia. But the Nokia is barely a smartphone since Sprint redid their mobile site a few years back, taking up to five minutes to load an email.

My phone was six years old. There's no support or repair for it, no parts. I've been using an iPod Touch for the last year, so I got an iPhone.

A lot of the people on your thread seemed to be under the impression that the new update was for the 3G issues, and ready to blame Apple if the update didn't solve their problems. So I thought I'd let them in on the resources that would let them know what's going on. I wasn't trying to step on your groove or insult you, so why be rude to me? I'm no Apple advocate, I just had some info that a couple of people on your thread could use. That all right with you?

Sorry dude, this is not my thread. The OP is beeay. You want to reply to him. Because you clicked the "Reply" link on the section of my comment box, you're replying to me. If you want to reply to the person who originally started this thread, click on the "Reply to original post" all the way on the bottom. And I apologize, about being rude. You were being rude to me first by telling me to go get an education. But now I assume you didn't meant to direct towards me, instead, towards the original poster...


SprintUser1983 wrote:


The topic of this thread clearly states "iPhone 4S"  your interface in those screen shots are clearly not an iPhone.  You are comparing apples to oranges....

And people are upset because the iPhone was sold by sprint... if sprint had been selling them and telling everyone "ohh by the way, the iPhone wont get a very good data connection" then it would be their own fault.  But when they sell a device and even show SIRI in the commercials but then SIRI wont work because the connection is too bad. 

This upsets people!

"The topic of this thread clearly states iPhone 4S" - I know that

"your  interface in those screen shots are clearly not an iPhone" - Gee, ya  think? If you read my comment properly, you'd notice that I leave hints  indicateing my phone is not an iPhone.

"You are  comparing apples to oranges" - I'm not comparing anything.  Again, if you read my comment properly, you'll realize I'm trying to  point out that the "slow data connection" is a problem cause by the  iPhone itself (whether it be hard or software), rather than Sprint's  network like how everyone claims. Again, I have speeds of up to 1 - 1.6  Mpbs all day. My friend has an iPhone 4S and gets speeds of 0.1 - 0.6  Mbps (with 0.6 being the highest I've ever seen his tests goes). And no  don't say it's my location because we've eliminated that posibility by  doing side-by-side testing. If it really is Sprint's Network,  shouldn't I be getting the slow crawling iPhone-like speed as well,  since I'm runinning on their 3G network? The screenshot of my tests was  to prove that "slow data connection" on Sprint's network didn't exist  for me.

"And people are upset because the iPhone was  sold by sprint" - Why not get mad Apple? They are the one who built it.  If speed is what you iphone users want, buy a 4G phone. It's simple, you  are making it hard on yourself. If you absolutely have to have an  iPhone but don't like Sprint's "speeds", switch carrier, or stay with  Sprint and blame yourself for putting up with it. Simple!

"if  sprint had been selling them and telling everyone "ohh by the way, the  iPhone wont get a very good data connection" then it would be their own  fault" - So by your logic, Sprint workers are now required to have  physic abilities? So, before they even get the iPhones and put it up for  sale, Sprint is supposed to magically know that the iPhone 4S will have  data connection problem? This has gain so much publicity that people  walk into Sprint, already already knowing the iPhone has bad data  connection, but still buy it anyways. Then get frustrated/mad and come  back to forums like this to complain. And what about this - If Apple  sold the iPhone 4S and tells everyone "oh by the way, you'll get  terrible battery life", do you think it'll make people rethink their  decision? Not one second. People are going to buy it, experience the  cr*ppy battery (which according to you, would be their fault), then come  back and complain anyways. Your point is pointless.


(hopefully not a double-post, forum made me relogin, and didn't appear to save the post)

I don't think it is just the network or just the phone. If it was just the phone, then the Verizon (also CDMA) model would have the same problems, and they do not.

Each CDMA phone has multiple programmable parts. There is the radio firmware, the protocol firmware, then the PRL for roaming list. There is also a PRI but I don't know if that is just settings or firmware. Since the carrier provides the protocol firmware that is customized to their particular network, it could be the protocol firmware hasn't been sufficiently customized to work with the way Sprint uses their network. It could also be issues in the radio firmware that don't show up on Verizon's network but show up on Sprint's network.

So while it may be software within the phone, the software is not necessarily Apple's item to fix, it could be the carrier portion that is having unexpected problems. There are a lot of moving parts for a CDMA radio, part the handset maker handles, and part the carrier handles due to how the CDMA network has been configured.

The people who are getting better data using the AirRave is also telling of some unexpected interaction occuring on the CDMA network. Still doesn't indicate if a handset firmware or tower firmware fix is the best option, but shows using a different type of tower (in this case the AirRave) is getting the expected performance level.

On my 4S after having tried the network reset described many posts back, my performance levels have gone back to unstable, ranging from 0.15 to 1.84 dl the past few days. The only consistent thing seems to be that many Sprint iPhone users are impacted at different times. Hopefully some engineer will be able to tease out where the mismatch is at, and can get the right adjustments to the handsets or network.


Question? Which APN is used while connected to the airave, and which is used on the national network? do they use the same one?

Screen Shot 2011-11-11 at 2.02.52 PM.png


Forums I am checking online mostly suggest blank host, username, and password. None mention the checksum, so I'm not sure what that comes from. I'm not entirely sure if APN applies on CDMA, its more for GSM: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_Point_Name There is a way to put your CDMA logon username and password in, but that is usually downloaded from the network into the CDMA profile. At the moment I can't get my older phone to show the information page, but I believe that has something similar to an APN but relative to CDMA.


Was just on the phone with apple tech support for another issue.

Mentioned the Sprint slow data speedsany users are reporting, she said it was the first she had heard of it.

When my original issues was addressed, asked to speak to supervisor.

The sup replied that she was aware and assured me apple was working on a fix.

Indicates to her knowledge that yesterday's update may have included bug fixes for our issue, and that after hearing feedback from Sprint users, conowledged that fix did not work.

I feel confident that if it is indeed discovers that it is alone Sprint's issue, apple will compell them to resolve it.....


I've been struggling today to even get a data signal, but when I was able to finally, my speeds have continued to be lackluster at best.

Speedtest Results:







Just got the iphone 4s today...yup.  Really slow.  Should have looked at the boards before trading in.

Dallas TX, 75251

DL 0.44 mbps  UL 0.17 Ping 514

I'm going to give it a week and if its not better, taking the POS back!



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