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iPhone 4S won't respond


iPhone 4S won't respond

I went to make a call and noticed my phone wouldn't turn on thinking I had accidentally turned it off when activating screensaver, but my phone will not turn on and I even plugged it in thinking that would help even though the battery is fully charged. When I call my phone from another it rings all the way through as if it is on. Does anyone know what caused this or better yet if I can fix it besides using insurance and just getting another phone?

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iPhone 4S won't respond

Can you try to hold down the power button for 3-5 seconds?   Also, are you sure it is off...maybe it is just frozen yet with a dark screen...You can try holding POWER & HOME both together for 10 seconds...if it still wont work after that, a visit to an Apple store would be best.




iPhone 4S won't respond

yeah i think it was just frozen with a black screen i just left it at home and when i got off of work it was and still is working fine thanks for the helpful tips though

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