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iPhone 4s Terrible Data Speeds. Is there a fix?


iPhone 4s Terrible Data Speeds. Is there a fix?

I have two lines with Sprint, and 2 iPhone 4s's. Prior to the iPhones, I had the EVO 4g with absolutely no data problems.

With my iPhone's, I speed tested both at the same time in different areas throughout Cleveland. All speed results have been consistently less than half a mps (.35mps).. I've called Sprint multiple times, been to the sprint store to have phones looked at multiple times, reset phone, updated PRL. Nobody has ever given me a clear answer why my (our) data sucks. What the heck can I do to get faster data speeds? I'd LIKE to keep the iPhones.

I've been browsing the different forums, regarding the crappy iPhone 4s data speeds. It's clearly not just me having this issue.

If sprint is aware of this problem, which they are, and they continue to sell the phones, and bill us for data which we don't receive, isn't that illegal?

We are locked into a contract with sprint, and pay our monthly bills, yet Sprint is clearly defaulting on their end of the contract. This seems to me like this is just another super rich, super powerful company, "pissing on us".

Sprint needs to be held responsible for false advertising. They advertise the iPhone 4s with "INCREDIBLE" 3G speeds, knowing full well that it's a complete lie. There needs to be consequences for their actions, much like our consequences if we default on our end of the contract.

Is there a fix for my iPhone 4s' data speeds?


Re: iPhone 4s Terrible Data Speeds. Is there a fix?

Sprint has been doing an extensive network upgrade, which may affect 3G service. As you can imagine, when the upgrade hits your community, there will be disruptions; I don't know, but possibly lasting a couple or few months.

I've seen posts that this or that phone was faster or slower than their new phone. It's so much nonsense.  Without the two side by side, tested when a tower isn't busy, this kind of evidence is magical thinking.

You, Sprint, and anyone having iPhone problems can try to pin some blame on Apple.  Surely this may apply to them in a few cases (go get a new phone for free from Apple), but the speed problems are entirely on Sprint.

In my area, none of my Sprint iPhone friends (or other iPhone users) are complaining or having problems.  In fact, now when I go to Starbuck's, for example, my 3G speeds are better than their WiFi speeds.  My area has had its ups and downs over the last few years (weak signal areas, and slow speeds during "drive times" and lunch hour), but things are running great at the moment.

I don't run speed tests often as real-life experiences are more realistic than one-shot snapshots of tower performance.  It's late now, but I just got over 2 Mbps tonight. During "normal" daylight hours I get around 1 Mbps.  Speeds still may vary wildly during drive times.

Clearly, tens of thousands of Sprint users are not having any problems or not enough to be bothered.

Your fix is to wait it out, and use WiFi when you can, or switch to another carrier.  Verizon has a terrific network, but it's pricing structure is a complete rip-off, IMO. You'll either pay through the nose or you'll be constantly monitoring and avoiding data usage.


Re: iPhone 4s Terrible Data Speeds. Is there a fix?

I'm having the same data issues in Chicago, IL. They say that they are updating the towers but give us no break on the bill. I'm close in defaulting on my contract and go back to Verizon. I also want to keep my iPhone 4S


Re: iPhone 4s Terrible Data Speeds. Is there a fix?

I agree with you about just dropping your account. I'm tired of Sprint. It should be illegal what they are doing to us.

I talked to tech support, and cus serv yesterday. One guy was trying to tell me that the new iPhone 5 will smoke on their server. I do not believe this nonsense. I really wish I would have gotten the s2 or s3


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