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iPhone 4s from HTC Evo - What do we lose?


iPhone 4s from HTC Evo - What do we lose?

I've wanted an iPhone for years, but I didn't want to leave Sprint because I've always been happy with the service.  Now it's finally here.  Yesterday I was dead set on purchasing an iPhone 4s during the presale.  Today I'm reevaluating.  What will I lose if I "upgrade" to the iPhone from the HTC Evo?  Here's what I'm thinking...

  • Google integration
  • FB and Twitter integration with contacts
  • Turn by turn voice navigation
  • Official Gmail app

Am I missing anything else?  Am I incorrect on any of the bullets above?

I really need to think about this...  Hmm...

What are you all thinking?


Think about this.. there is NO memoey card in the 4S at all and you can not add one.  My EVO is rooted and I can move a LOT more apps then normal to the SD card, BUT there are still a lot I can not ... AND my DALVIK CACHE folder is very low and something is so low, you cant download any programs or the phone slows down until you clear the cache (using a program for rooted phones).

I would love to switch to the 4S but a couple of thigs are holding me back......

1.  There is no UBTETHERED JAILBREAK for the 4S.  I want this so I can add a program that will give me something similar to WIDGETS  on the EVO.  I also want an UNTETHERED JB for other reasons

2.  THERE is NO SWYPE .. Sure there is an UNOFFICIAL BETA but it doesnt work well and misses almost 98% of the words I type (I have it on my IPOD TOUCH).  You also need JAILBREAK for this.

3.  smaller screen.. I like the 4" screen.. I dont know if I could go back to the smaller screen.


i dont use swipe so thats not a big thing for me to leave my Evo   and while i had/have it i loved my Evo but lets be real hows that battery working out for you.?


I take it off the charger around 8AM when I leave for work..  usually, like last night, I put it back on the charger at 1:30AM and it had 50% battery left. ALthough it is rooted and I am using SETCPU to adjust the processor speed to increase battery life.

Since I still havent made my decision yet, I have a few more questions that I hope someone can answer since I am sure more people have the phone now....

1. is there visual voicemail?

2.  is there a car mount for the phone that is NOT a friction mount and I can place in there so it charges and can be used as a GPS navigation system for the car

3, WHEN an untethered Jailbreak cones out, will I be able to do this and NOT erase any of the apps or settings on my phone? I have never done this before but on android ROOTING erases everything....

Thanks ...


1. Yes. See iPhone User Guide, pages 46 and 47.

2. Yes. A variety.  A good place to start: Amazon > Search > car mount for iphone

3. No idea.

Just curious, why do you want an iPhone?  If you can't give a solid answer to that, stop agonizing and go get something else.



I have been looking at the iphone 4s as well.  I currently own the Evo 3d since its launch and before that I had the Evo since its launch.  I guess I am a bit of a phone junkie because generally I will obtain the newest hottest phone from its launch date for the past 12 years.  Anyway, what I have been thinking is if I am able to get the programs or apps that iphone has from the market, then why switch?  One of the things I loved about the iphone was the siri feature; I found a version of it in the market (although there are several versions of it) I chose something called "speaktoit assistant" (the market).  You get to build your own avatar and everything.  I understand that with each phone they always leave something out or off, so you never truly get everything the last phone had (and in some instances you are not able to download from the market either).  However, if its a program or app that I do not care about or use then who cares.  I kind of look at it like having the best of both worlds without haveing to go to the trouble of switching.  As far as the iphone goes, the biggest thing for me was the siri, since I found a version of it in the market I'm not good.  I will wait to see if the iphone 5 has something different or better that I cannot get from the market to decide if I should (or will switch).  Good luck in your decision making between these phones.  I know they make it hard to decide these days.


Yes I too found a great SIRI like program for my EVO 4G. its called Jeannie

its really good although it doesnt do everything SIRI does.  Im still on the fence about switching to the iphone.. Nothing has been in stock BUT now the 64G is back in stock.  Im hesitant beccause the Untethered JB is STILL not out and I will miss a nice feature I have on my IPOD touch that brings widgets to it.. ALSO, there is a nice lock screen thing so I can do what I do with widget locker on android.  All of those require JB on Iphone and nothing yet....

Has anyone switched from the EVO 4G and what do they think of going to a smaller screen.  Especially since I use the EVO with a car mont as a GPS navigation program with COPILOT LIVE

Thanks... Dave


i switched from white evo 4g to white 64gb iphone 4s 😃

i thought i'd miss the native gmail app in evo, but just having a shortcut to the gmail website works just as well, and the gmail website is just like the app.

i thought i'd miss having custom keyboards (i used swiftkey), but turns out it was actually more freeing when i could just focus on typing all the letters (even with typos) and not have to keep stopping to check if the next word i wanted to type was being predicted by swiftkey for me. of course sometimes the typo fixing on the iphone keeps doing the wrong thing...

i wasn't sure about screen size, but i haven't noticed that it was smaller at all =O i even forgot until i read prev post haha

the last 2 things i miss are the ringtones and alarm clock. they added some new ringtones recently to evo 4g and i really liked them. the iphone 4s ringtones are... boring? and i miss how after you set the alarm clock on the evo it flashes "alarm set for x hours from now" msg that way you can be sure you did the right am/pm setting (haven't you ever set the wrong one and then didn't get that really important alarm... ><)

as for what's new, i really like siri, and all the icloud backup and syncing and wifi-syncing. i never bothered to figure out howto backup my evo 4g, and with the iphone, it's practially all automatic, and i didn't have to figure anything out 😃 oh and lastly i have a  lot of itunes locked music still, so it's nice to be able to put all my music onto my device.


couple of questions:

1. how is the leyboard on the iPhone? since there is  no SWYPE type of keyboard, how well can you type on it and have it come  out correct? I hear IOS5 has some kind of SPLIT keyboard but I have no  idea as I have not seen ios5 yet.  a few people I work with have iphones  but none have IOS5 on them.

2.  coming from the EVO  with a larger screen, how clear is the Iphone smaller screen? I  currently use my EVO in a holder with a GPS program called COPILOT and I  dont want to go go a smaller screen and not be able to see or read the  details on COPILOT for iphone.

3.  Is there something similar to SPRINT TV and SPRINT FOOTBALL LIVE for the iphone?

4.  how are you dealing with no JAILBREAK? or do you  not care about JAILBREAK? I like the ability on the EVO to have WIDGETS  for comon things I do (turn on/off BLUETOOTH, WIFI, ETC).  only with JB  can you add this feature.  Also, on my EVO, I use WIDGET LICKER to put  the weather, calendar (agenda list), mised calls, new mail count, new  text message count, is there somethgin like this for iphone? I know you  can do it with JB but without, can you?

5.  What about a popup when a text message comes in?  on my EVO I have a nice program that replaces the stock text message app  and when one comes in, I get a popup for the text message to READ it  and then I can reply right there.  I used to have to listen for the tone  or see the blinking led, then go into the stock messaging app to read  and reply.  can this be done on the ihpne?

Thanks ... Dave


1. iphone keyboard: i like the iphone keyboard. sometimes it tries to autocorrect wrong, but it really doesn't happen that often. if u really like a swype type keyboard, then it's definitely a loss since iphone only has its one keyboard, but i didn't like swype when i tried it, so iphone keyboard is okay for me. oh, one thing i guess is the symbols. iphone you have to press the 123 key to get to the normal shift-symbols (like ! ? $ & etc) and then there's a 2nd button press for the rest of the symbols (like # + = etc) it's a little less convenient than evo's keyboard, where most all the symbols you can just hold down the letter for it.

the split keyboard is only on the ipad and i really love it!! makes typing on the ipad so much easier for sure.

2. i've never used copilot, but i glanced at the screenshots from the app store, and it looked clear enough to me. i use google maps on my iphone as gps sometimes in the car, and i feel like i can read those street names just fine too. and copilot screenshot looked like it zoomed in more and had larger text.

3. i've never really used sprint tv or football, but i know there's apps from various tv channels, like abc player you can download for free and watch abc tv shows. and netflix to watch movies and tv, and i'm s ure there must be an app to watch football too

4. i've never jailbreaked my phone, and omg i can't believe i forgot about widgets =O!!! that was one thing i thought i'd totally miss too. so now it takes 2 clicks to get to wifi on/off switch (settings > wifi).  turning on/off bluetooth is much more a hassle... i not even sure where it is.... looking for it... okay about 3 clicks (settings > general > bluetooth) yea.. if there's an easier faster way to do those things i dunno how.. maybe there's an app?

not sure what widget licker does, but the notification center on the iphone (similar to the notificaton thing you can drag down from the top in evo) can have those things you listed i believe. there's a weather widget you can have on or off. and it can list calendar events your missed calls, emails, text messages, and you can specify how many recent ones you want shown. also you can choose to have them show a preview of the item or not

5. well, when a txt msg comes in you can configure it to do different things.

if you are actively using the phone, you can have it show an alert which will pop up window thing that interrup whatever u doing and u can click Close or View. or you can have it show a banner which is a little banner at the top of the screen that pops up for a few secs and then goes away, and doesn't interrupt whatever u doing, but if u tap on it, it will take you right to the msg)

if u have the phone sleeping, you can have it light up and it shows the msg on the screen with or without a preview of the msg contents. and here's a cool thing they added: from the lock screen you can slide the msg icon across the screen (instead of the unlock button) and this will unlock the phone, and take your directly to the msg (i use this a lot =D)


Thanks for the info.. Im still undecided because now I find out that COPILOT, where on the android, I can add something called CUSTOM POINTS OF INTREST, I can not do this on Iphone.. so it appears.... tat most things I want to do on the iphone cant be done either AT ALL, or if they can, you need to JAILBREAK the phone, which currently can not be done... I think I might just get a new android phone since everything I want to do can be accomplished...


After a full day of playing with it, I think I'll only miss a few things...

1) Obviously the larger screen

2) The ability to customize the home screen with widgets

3) The settings for each app were accessible in the app itself. For the iPhone, unless I'm missing something, they can only be accessed by going into the actual settings off of the home screen.

I defintely will not miss the so so battery life of the EVO though. I haven't had the 4S on the charger since 4:30 this morning and I'm still sitting at  60% 14 hours later with a fair amount of use.



I wish there was a way to get all of this in one.  I know with each year they keep adding all of these wonderful things that I swear seemingly I can't live without.  I think I need to get myself together b/c its not like any of this is solving world hunger, but I agonize over these decisions like it will save somebody's life LOL LOL  I am still thinking of switching to the Iphone, but I need to stop it. 

BTW: Yes I saw Jeanne in the market I will go back and take a look to see if I like that one better than the one I have.  (see I can't stop)

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