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iPhone and customer service issues.


iPhone and customer service issues.

Dear Sprint. Look up my file. Good, you should see (if your employees are actually making note of who calls and what they complain about) that I've put in about 1-3 hours / day for the past 2 weeks with your call centers and online chat support employees.

I upgraded to the iphone 6 months ago. there have been numerous headaches along the way. I've been having Voicemail and text issues since (atleast) February. I have explained my problems over and over to various sprint people and their supervisors, techs. Ive had tickets filed in "back of house" I've had call-backs scheduled that went ignored or forgotten. I've gotten nowhere.

Thanks. I feel like an idiot for spending all this extra money to "treat myself" to a nice device. I hate myself for turning into an angry person because of how your company is treating people.

Since you refuse to help me or offer a real solution (something that can be done instantly OR something youre working on and might take a while) I'm going to complain to other people.

Thanks to the internet, there are a million outlets in which to voice my misery, and I plan to. because I've realized that all the extra money I spent on this phone has added up to me wasting my time outside of work on the phone , on hold, complaining about the same issues . so if you don't care that you guys offered a phone and werent prepared to back it up with cell towers that can feed them... maybe others will.

to anyone considering sprint as a iphone provider:

Sprint customer service/ call centers have been telling me to consider OTHER companies such as verizon and ATT, if i want an iphone. OR to switch to android or a 'basic' (non-smart) phone

and to any sprint employee (if you actually read this) I hope you realize that I'm not just some angry guy making stuff up because I"m mad, I'm just sharing what YOU are telling me with everyone else.

Why should everyone have to wait on the phone for an hour to be told , by sprint, that they'd be better off with att (or verizon) ?

And what is the point of unlimited data... if the cell towers cant provide the data / service?

whats better an 80 dollar plan of unlimited nothingness

or a 100 dollar plan of slightly limited but powerful and useful technology?

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