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iPhone running 5.1.1 , double sms sound bug


iPhone running 5.1.1 , double sms sound bug

I noticed that when i send a sms greater then 90 characters, not an imessage, i hear a double swoop sound as if two sms messages are being sent. This happens everytime i send a message greater then 90 characters. I sent a sms to another sprint carrier and to an AT&T carrier and the same issue followed. I just restored my iphone to 5.1.1, no apps and not jailbroken. Are other users experiencing this same issue? Just started after i updated software. You can turn off imessage in settings/messages and send yourself a sms message greater then 90 characters to test.

Appreciate the feedback ..


This happens because when you are sending a message that is greater than 90 characters it goes to the recipients inbox as more than one message. If you hear 2 swoops, that is going across as 2 messages... if you hear 3 swoops they are going to receive 3 messages and so far and so on.  This doesnt happen, however, if you are sending to another iphone and they receive imessages as well.  Hope this helps

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