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iPhone4s experience in Los Angeles or So Cal?


iPhone4s experience in Los Angeles or So Cal?

So, I'm in Los Angeles.  I'm thinking of switching to Sprint in December and buying the iPhone4s.  I'm motivated by the unlimited data plans; as I'm sure many of you are/were.  I hope it's cool that I started a thread specifically for Los Angeles, but there are a lot of people in this expansive city and I'm sure others would find this helpful. Also, those of you not in Los Angeles won't have to wade through posts that have no relevance to you.   I'd like to hear from iPhone4 and iPhone 4s owners in the greater Los Angeles area (and others in So Cal, too).  I'm aware of the very long thread about iPhone4s service complaints and I've already searched it for "Los Angeles".  There isn't that much information in there beyond feedback from 2 or 3 people and some of it from early in October. 

  1. Did you have Sprint before the release of the iPhone 4 and 4s?  What was your experience with Sprint at that time?
  2. How does that compare to your current experience now that you're using an iPhone on Sprint?
  3. What is your experience with call quality/dropped calls?
  4. What is your experience when using data?
  5. What do you use data for the most?  (Streaming music, playing games, watching movies/vids, other apps, etc.)
  6. Which areas of LA do you live, work and play in?
  7. Any other areas of So Cal you frequent?  What's been your experience there?
  8. Have you used any of the speed test apps?  What have your results been?
  9. If you've experienced issues, have you contacted Sprint?  How did they respond to the issues you brought to their attention?
  10. Any other thoughts on your experience using an iPhone4 or 4s in the greater Los Angeles area? 

Re: iPhone4s experience in Los Angeles or So Cal?

1. No I jumped, because of the dropped calls on AT&T

2. N/A

3.Call quality was better till about 4 days ago, then I started dropping calls (in line with what I experianced with ATT) and as of 10 this morning I dropped to 2 bars (from full bars) at my house and I can talk for about 45 sec before the call drops...

4. Data for the most part is pretty bad, it either takes forever to update a web page or google maps (traffic) or it is not usuable

5. Streaming music in the car, there are places where it drops out (never had that with ATT)

6. East SFV

7. seems to be about the same whereever I go with in LA

8. The same speedtest app everyone else seems to use and the results are poor at best... best, I have seen is about 1 meg down and about 768 up

9. tech support has been equally bad on Sprint as ATT, you have to perform these task someone who bearly can speak english reads from a book, and if that doesnt work take it to a store.

10. Would say if you want to use your iphone as a phone get sprint, if you want an internet connected device stay with ATT ... but I am starting to question sprint right now...


Re: iPhone4s experience in Los Angeles or So Cal?

1. I've had Sprint for around 12 years.

2. I came from a Nexus S. The call quality on the iPhone blows the Nexus away... hands down. I can't remember any dropped calls so far. And the fact that my battery lasts a whole day without charging is (unlike the Nexus which would die around 2p) the best. Speedwise? Well, the 4G on the Nexus was useless. It would constantly hang, so I turned it off. The iphone isn't bad.

3. See above.

4. Fine.

5. I do experience some music dropouts when Pandora is set to high quality. I didn't have that with the 3G nexus. But when the iphone came out, I noticed my Nexus slowing down as well, so I think it's the whole network.

6. West Hollywood area

7. Not yet

8. No

9. Talking to Sprint about issues? No, I generally try not to waste my time like that....

10. Like I said above, the biggest surprise to me was the call quality. It sounds great!

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