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My phone was stolen Jan. 3rd (2012) from a store in Concord, the counter while I was looking at some items at their display glass window...a iphone 4s with Sprint....just want to give your a little background of my relationship with Sprint....I've been a Sprint/Nextel customer since 2001....Nextel for about 4/5 yrs and then Sprint....I've always paid for phone insurance even if I just had a basic flip type phone and only had to use it 2x due to internal damages which the phones had to be repalced with refurbished type.

When I turned 40 (August last year) - wanted to give myself a nice gift..since I never had a smartphone and found out that the new iphone 4s would finally come out through Sprint my carrier....I ordered it and was very excited....paid about $577.00 - ouch! $399 for a 64gig iphone (bec. I have a lot of music/mp3 - a DJ as a hobby) with discount for renewing a 2 yr. contract + $99.00 Apple Care (which does not cover for Theft or Lost iphones) and $77.00 Tax. I wanted to continue my phone insurance with Sprint but I was told that only the Apple care is available thru Apple...ALL their phones EXCEPT iphones are insurable thru them....I had NO choice that time but to agree with it since I chose to continue my LONG TIME relationship with Sprint....

Since my iphone was stolen...I've been in the Sprint store in Walnut Creek and Apple Store also in Walnut Creek, California several times....but was told that there is nothing they could do but sell me a new iphone starting at around $700....IS THAT BUSINESS OR WHAT??!!!!

I am trying my best to track the iphone whatever way I can since both Sprint and Apple does not wish to help me any further.....

If anyone out there who could help me...Please do....

Thank you for your time reading this post.



I apologize about your situation, it truly is unfortunate.  When you setup your phone, did you set up the iCloud feature?  If so, you can try using the iCloud desktop to use the 'Find my iPhone' feature which will give you the ability to locate, send a message to, play a sound on, or remotely lock or erase your lost iOS device.

Let me know if I can provide more details on how to use it.



thank you for your immediate reply _D4V1D_ I didn't have icloud set up on the stolen iphone...since this was my 1st smartphone and iphone...I taught icloud was just for added storage not a security feature...since I had 64 gig on my iphone and only had used about less than 5 gigs when it was new...I don't recall activating this option....when I received my phone via fedex...I had it activated thru the phone rep with Sprint and I went to the Apple Store in Emeryville, CA to help me with other features....they never mentioned icloud as a security feature/option...I would have said YES to this option/feature 200% since I don't have theft or lost coverage thru Apple Care.....the phone was turned off the moment if was taken...goes to voicemail right away....but yesterday (Jan. 6, 2012) a friend called my number and it rang for a while then to VM...I'm pretty sure that signal is tracable? If calls are made on the phone...even on roaming...Sprint can track/trace it...why not stolen/lost phones...I REALLY DON'T KNOW?????



You may want to check out some of the options on this site, specifically the 'MobileMe' section.  There's a chance you set this up without knowing it...

I cannot speak to Sprint tracking the phone as I am unaware of the Corporate Security policies involved with tracking a phone for purposes such as Amber Alerts etc. - but for lost or stolen phones, we are unable to do so unless you have previously installed and signed up for the workforce locator services. 

You can also try to contact Apple Care to see if they have any other options available at 800.275.2273



thanks again _D4V1D_ ....i also checked into this mobileme app...I believe it would only work if the phone is still with me...I did searches on the iphone from the apple store but to no avail.....i didn't know about workforce locator then...I wish I was given other options other than Apple Care since I've paid Sprint YEARS for phone insurance but not applicable for the iphone....

I am going to call Apple Care later when I get an access to a phone...

Tnx again.....



I understand your position. I've been with Sprint for 15 years!!!! Every time my contract was up they were really wonderful giving me all kinds of discounts....but not this year!  I upgraded my daughter's to iPhone and we were told to go to Radio Shack so we'd have the phone right away..there I found out about Apple Care, no lost or theft but I just got it...and now I regret it.  Just called Sprint, they said that's all they have...can't change it...and also, even after 15 years i'm on my way least my son and me....they rather loose 2 - 2 yr contracts than have a proper insurance or give us those iPhones for free or cheaper at least....I'm going with AT&T which has insurance against everything incl loss or theft...for $9.99 a month....expensive but for a $700 phone...I think is worth it!



  I am so very sorry to hear of these terrible issues you have had with Sprint, but for some reason this year seems to be one that their, "the customer is always right" does not apply. I have been a Sprint customer for 9 years now, and have never had a problem till a couple of months ago. I currently have a Samsung Moment, and began having trouble with it not keeping a charge, so it was really useless to be. Me being a Police Officer, my cell phone became one of my many tools for my job.

  I took my phone to the Sprint store in Michigan City Indiana, and the took it in the back and ran some kind of diagnostic test on it. The lady came back out and advised me that there was an issue internally so she just said she would give me the same phone, just a new one since they could not fix it there. I was very happy with this and went home with the same phone, but a new one.

  I became quite upset after 2 weeks had gone by, and I began to have the same problems with the battery not keeping a charge for not more than an hour at a time. I again went to the Sprint store, and they advised me that it wasn't the phone itself, but the battery. She told me that they did not carry the batteries anymore for that phone, so she told me to go to Batteries & More to get one. I went and bought the battery, and the same issue remains.

  So by now I am livid with Sprint, so I call them, let them listen to my dilemma, and I was told to either buy a battery online, or but a new phone with my insurance for $ 100.00. I asked when I could upgrade, and it was 1 month out, so I asked why I couldn't just do it now. And boy did I get a kinds of excuses. So, for the past few months I have been paying for a phone, with the Unlimited Plan, and have not being able to even use it.

  So, 2 weeks out to when I can upgrade, and I ask them if now I can upgrade, and they said not yet, but when I do I will be getting the $ 150.00 off

to upgrade. Then I told them I wanted to upgrade to the I Phone 4s 16g, so the associate told me that that phone would cost $ 649.00, and then I would also get a $ 450.00 discount for signing another 2 year contract. So, what I was explained, in a very detailed manner, was that for the

       phone                       $649.99

       new 2 year contract $ 450.00    MINUS

       and the upgrade      $ 150.00    MINUS

       total being               $ 49.99

  I asked her several times if I was really getting the I Phone 4s 16g for only $ 49.99, and each time she explained it the same way. So of course I couldn't wait to get a phone that worked since I had already paying for one I couldn't even use. She also said that my contract was up February 1st, but if I called after January 10th, they would honor deal then. So I was really happy and couldn't wait till the 10th.

So, my major complaint with Sprint is, that I called after the 10th, and spoke to a different associate (of course) and he told me that I would only get the $ 450.00 discount, and he said the lady I had talked to had been mistaken. I even had confirmation # 's for these conversations.

I guess the moral of this story is, Sprint will be honoring what I had been told at the very beginning, or I will be doing what I do at my job, and filing several complaints, getting subpeonas, phone records, or anything else I have to do, so no other customer has to go through this. I do understand these people you call, are only looking at a computer screen, but I have learned over the years to DOCUMENT everything, from the date, times, who I speak with, and what was told, and every confirmation number........and make copies for whatever action is needed.

I have been with Sprint a very long time, so are my kids, friends and family, but if they are not willing to honor what I have been advised, I will take whatever actions I need to ensure other customers know their rights, and guide them through the necessary processes. Sprint is a huge company, why on earth would they make such a problem such as this for loyal customers.  


Re: iphone 4s NO PROPER SUPPORT from SPRINT and APPLE...WHY?

I am currently going through the same exact issue with my Iphone 4S...I had no idea about the find my phone feature or the icloud.  I don't know why this was not told to me, but I assumed icloud was to connect multiple devices and since I only used an iphone, I didn't see a need to use icloud (big mistake). 

My phone was stolen yesterday and I'm at a loss for words with Sprint and their service.  They don't care one bit.  I have been with them for about 5 years now and have always had insurance on my phone until Jan. 2012 when I purchased my Iphone 4S....I thought applecare would cover my iphone as Sprint did since the sprint people told me that I had to purchase applecare as opposed to their insurance.  I am so disappointed.

The person has turned my phone off so I cannot even track it with the family locator feature.  I am so disappointed...

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