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iphone 4s-calldrops, unsuccessful sent messages, network area issues


iphone 4s-calldrops, unsuccessful sent messages, network area issues

I purchased my iphone 4s just recently this past week and ever since my latest update to 6.0.1 i've been having connectivity issues with calls and messaging.

My girlfriend has an Android phone and the carrier is At&t and i've yet to be able to establish a successful message after the 6.0.1 update. And was not able to make a successful call even when it was not updated. As of now my messages are sent successfully in my part with a green bubble, but she never actually recieves them. My phone calls are dropped right after the 1st ring and sometimes immediately with her even when we are next to each other. This only happens to her so far.

Issue: Failed calls, dropped calls

          Sent messages but not recieved on the other end


Potential reason to why this is happening:Iphone4s update to 6.0.1

                                                                 Carrier service for 4g lte rollout, hindering my 3g connection

I've tried the following solutions and yet none of which is helping me.

Reseting network

Reset all settings

Factory Reset, Restore

Clean new restore by itunes

hard reset by holding down the home/sleep buttons together.

Turning imessage on and off

Fixing the date/time issue

The airplane mode method


i've tried speaking to my carrier representative by phone and chat, in which none could provide me any solutions to this, other then that it may be the sprint towers that is causing this issue.i've been getting mixed information from 4 different representatives of sprint about the status of my area (Before recieving this new phone, my old non smart phone was able to successfully send messages and calls to anyone)

I also spoke to an apple technician who provided me solutions to which i have already tried. The other solution is to make an appointment with an near by apple store and see if you can have a replacement.

If anyone would be kind enough to give any informative/helpful response to this issue, much would be appreciated by Me and many others who may have this problem


Re: iphone 4s-calldrops, unsuccessful sent messages, network area issues

Could you provide your location Cross streets near you city and state?  This will allow us to look at the towers serving you  to see if there are any issues with the towers


Re: iphone 4s-calldrops, unsuccessful sent messages, network area issues

4110 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA


10455 Armstrong St.

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

One of those should be sufficiently close


Re: iphone 4s-calldrops, unsuccessful sent messages, network area issues

Given the addresses you gave are separated by a fair distance.  You are having the problem across multiple towers.  As  I am not showing  any issues on the towers  that would cause this issue, I would suggest having the phone checked out at either a Sprint Service and repair store or by Apple.


Re: iphone 4s-calldrops, unsuccessful sent messages, network area issues

Are you familiar with the sprint roll out of the 4g lte? I've heard from many this is slowing the 3g in areas effected by this rollout. also if i was to call to an area in the states that is effected by lurking variables such as tower upgrades, weather that is hindering the signals but the person i was calling was of another carrier, would those issues with the sprint towers at that location still disrupt me from contacting this person?

What i mean is when i send something to another state, does it "travel" to one tower to the other until it makes its way there and then to the person i am contacting even though they are a different carrier?


Re: iphone 4s-calldrops, unsuccessful sent messages, network area issues

Were there an tower upgrade near you it could effect your data speed as the tower might be at capacity.  There are no towers near the location that are currently being upgraded   If you are calling a person on a different carrier unless they are roaming on  the Sprint system it would make no difference as would be getting there signal  from there carries towers .   When you make a call on a cellular system in travels from your phone to the tower  to a switch which routes the call to its destination  over the wire line system.  where it is transferred back to the other carriers cell system for delivery. 

For example when your girlfriend was sitting next to your the transmission  of the messages would go from your phone to the tower  to switch to the sprint service  which determines the address for the text message is not on the sprint system.  The message is then sent to the intercarrier  who  routes to the proper carrier.   When that carrier receives they confirm the number is thiers and sends it to the tower that customer is on.   The tower then transmitss the message wirelessly to the phone.

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