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problems receiving text - iphone 4s


problems receiving text - iphone 4s

I have an Iphone 4S.  My mother and Stepfather also have Iphone 4s.  They receive text messages from me but I am not receiving messages from either one of them. What could be the problem? I am receiving text from other phones on sprint and also other carriers.  The last message I received from Mom was on Jan 12... 4 days ago. And yes she's been trying (from both phones)! lol

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Re: problems receiving text - iphone 4s

Since you’re all using iPhones, does everyone have iMessage turned On/enabled?  If so, when you send and receive messages you’ll see blue dialog boxes instead of green (SMS text).

iMessage will work over cellular 3G or Wi-Fi on your iPhones.  iMessage is the best way to text with other iOS users.

See your settings:  Settings > Messages > iMessage > On and Send as SMS > On


Re: problems receiving text - iphone 4s


Thank you for the post.  The first thing that I would do is have your Mother and Stepfather see if they are having texting issues with others besides yourself.  I would then check their phone settings to see if it is configured properly.

Has either yourself or your Mother and Stepfather recently updated the ios?  If so, the text may simply have to be enabled.

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