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ringback tones and voicemail issues, iphone 4s


ringback tones and voicemail issues, iphone 4s

Has anyone had issues with their ringback tones not letting them receive voicemails? I had to remove all my ringback tones in order to receive voicemail messages? Thanks for help.

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Re: ringback tones and voicemail issues, iphone 4s


Thank you for using to voice your questions and concerns.  I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Ringback tones and your voicemail.  I do know that many customers  have been contacting us with the same issue.  The resolution seems to be to download the Music Store Plus application from the App store and assign your ringback tones through it.  There appears to be an incompatibility with the Digital Lounge and iOS.  If you've already done this, we'll need to do a little more investigating to determine what we can do from there.



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Re: ringback tones and voicemail issues, iphone 4s

yes I have already done this several times and every other thing that Sprint has reccomended and nothing has solved the issue, I have asked for my phone to be replaced as my daughter and son n law have the same phone and  NO problems, of course I get no response on that request. This has been going on for a month probably longer, but issue can't be resolved. People are suppose to call and never do but if you do get a call back they want you to try same stuff you have already tried, this is BS.

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