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unlock iphone


unlock iphone


recently I had all three cell phones unlocked so we could use international sim cards. My phone is working with the new sim card,but my husband and my sons will not work.

can you please help me with this problem. My husband needs it most for business. Thank You very much, Tina Thompson


Hi Crouton14,

Thanks for posting with us on the forums.  I'm sorry we weren't able to complete your request the first time you inquired about unlocking the SIM cards for international use.  I would recommend chatting with one of our international department specialists either over chat ( or by calling in at 888-211-4727 option 2.




Is it possible for Sprint to publish the exact process regarding how the SIM on an iPhone 4S is unlocked for international travel? I chatted yesterday with an international department specialist and was told that my phone would be unlocked in the next few days. My husband chatted today with another rep in the same department and was told he would be receiving an email directly from Apple on how to unlock via iTunes. This was never mentioned to me.

If you go to the link below, you'll find that dozens of people have been told different things regarding the locking/unlocking of iPhones for international travel.

Sprint REALLY needs to make sure all specialists are providing the same information and it would be great if the process was made transparent for Sprint's customers.


there scared to unlock them people would run to tmobile by th eflocks


I agree with Tninja598.....

I dont think Sprint is going to allow someone to unlock their iphone.  If they did you would then be able to take your iphone to another carrier.  A 16GB iphone 4S without contract is $650.  You can buy it from Sprint for $200 with contract and then pay the $350 to leave.  This would then save you $100 over buying an unlocked one from Apple.

As Tninja598 suggested, some people would then turn around and go to Tmobile for unlimited evrything for $50 a month.  This is $30 cheaper than Sprints plan with 450 minutes.  Over 2 years you would then save $720 bucks.

I dont think Sprint will allow the unlocking of these phones.  Has anyone had theirs unlocked yet?


I just got off a chat with Sprint International and look at how things changed once I said it's been done for other people:

Felix H.: Hi, my name is Felix H.. Thank you for your chat request. Please wait while I review your information.

Felix H.: hello how are you today?

LazhilUT: good what about you?

Felix H.: I'm good.

LazhilUT: are the iPhones unlocked to use a foreing sim card when I'm overseas? if not, can I have it unlocked?

Felix H.: No, the iPhone comes locked by the Apple Corp.

LazhilUT:  how can I unlock it? I know Sprint can do it as if you visit the  community forums there are users that have had Sprint unlocking theirs.

Felix H.: We have to send a request to the Apple corp. for them to unlock it.

Felix H.:  In order to unlock your iPhone I will need the following information.  The ICCID and the IMEI, you can locate these by tapping on SETTINGS,  then tap GENERAL, then tap on ABOUT, scroll all the way down until you  see ICCID and IMEI and read me those numbers please.

Felix H.: Hello?

LazhilUT: sorry let me read it

LazhilUT: i dont havethe phone with me but will Apple accept the unlock request for sure?

Felix H.:  Once we submit the request, its out of our hands. Its up to them to  unlock your device. Most likely they will since your account meets the  requirements.

LazhilUT: is there a way I can test it if it's unlocked already or do I have to wait until I have another sim card?

Felix H.:  Its not unlocked. They all come locked by the Apple Corp. Placing a  Third party SIM card inside the phone now could risk damaging the phone  and if that occurs Sprint is not responsible.

LazhilUT:  got it. OK is there anyway I can save the transcript of this  conversation so when I have the phone with me I can send this as a  reference to the next person I chat with?

Felix H.: You should be able to save it on your PC.

LazhilUT: awesome. can you also provide me your employee id so I can reference that as well?

LazhilUT: ?

Felix H.: Ok, you can have the Chat as a reference but we are not allowed to give out our employee ID's

Felix H.: You also have my first name and last initial.

LazhilUT: cool. last, you said my account qualifies. what makes an account qualified for the unlock process?

Felix H.: I will email this chat to you as well.

Felix H.: Ok, for your account it has to be over 90 days and not have an ASL or TCL on it.

LazhilUT: so the account needs to be older than 90 days? what is an ASL and TCL?

Felix H.: Those are based on your credit when it is run through when you first begin services with us.

LazhilUT: but what do they stand for?

Felix H.: ASL= Account Spending Limit. TCL=Temporary Credit Limit.

LazhilUT: great. Thanks for all the info, I appreciate it!

Felix H.: Will there be anything else?

LazhilUT: that will be all! Thank you very much

Felix H.:  Thank you for allowing me to take care of you today.  You may receive a  survey in few hours about my service. Have I resolved your issue today  by addressing all of your concerns?

LazhilUT: you sure have.

Felix H.:  Its been my pleasure to assist you today. We appreciate your business  with Sprint. Have a great day. If my assistance is no longer needed,  please disconnect at your earliest convenience.


I disagree with tninja598 because if people knew that if they switched to t-mobile on their unlocked iphone, they would never have 3g service as long as they used t-mobile, most would decide against it. now to Lazhil, idk what or why these reps are feeding you this really long line of bs but the unlock can only be done in two ways.

1. Sprint unlocks it - go to a store and have them do it. Don't let them tell you that they can't

2. You do it. - There is a plethera of information online regarding the iphone 4s unlock. I would start with the ModMyi forums at

Aside from that there aren't too many options.


Dumb question about the iPhone unlock:

How many sim cards can the iPhone 4S take?

When I travel internationally do I remove Sprint's and add the local carrier's SIM? if I do that, will my contacts go away along with the Sprint Sim?

And how does the iCloud backup is affected with the change in Sim Cards, or will that not be impacted since it only uploads data, contacts, pictures, etc.?


The sprint Sim card is for international roaming.   It is not used for service while in the US.

The I cloud is on online and is not effected by the changing the sim


Only Sprint can unlock your phone.  The crap they give you about apple doing is simply a lie.  A simple way of what happens is there is a list we'll call it, and your serial number is on it as locked to sprint.  When you try to switch carriers, it runs your serial number against that list and see's that it is on there and then wont allow you to use a sim card.  To unlock your phone, all they have to do is take your numbers off that list.  then its completed via itunes.  Since sprint will not do it at all, i suggest you do this, ( Latest Multi Networks GEVEY Ultra s Turbo Sim for CDMA iPhone 4S IOS6 6 1 3 | eBay ) Its 20 bucks and if you need to bring it to apple for work you simply pop the chip out  It is not a jailbreak but simply a bypass of the checking of the numbers on the list.  Sprint will lie and say things like you it cant be done, its not us that does it, its illegal to do that, and then in the next breath encourage you to go to third party software to do it.

So Sprint how about unlocking my phones now?  I could really use the extra money and sell those chips i have.

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