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3G and LTE issues


3G and LTE issues

Just want to add my name to the list of people with the 3G to circle to 3G issues. I live in San Diego (92104) where LTE hasn't been rolled out. I have traveled to Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Muncie, Baltimore and Washington, DC with my iPhone 5 and have never been able to connect to LTE without it switching on and off - from LTE to the circle and back to 3G.

I have switched phones, did a full reset with new activation (twice) and am about to do it for a 3rd time. Still no consistent data. Even while in a solid LTE area this past week, speeds averaged around 7mb per second - better than 3G but friend with AT&T and iPhone were getting 50mb per second.

Is the only solution to drop Sprint or switch phones?


Re: 3G and LTE issues

Drop Sprint.

Im live Oceanside but work down Sorrento Valley.  You would think with Qualcomm all over the place here, there would be LTE for Sprint here.  Nope.  Very little actually along some parts of Mira Mesa blvd. 

Speed wise, I think t-mobiles 4G HSPA+ is just as fast as sprints lte or even faster.  They are just starting to begin their rollout.  In my opinion, Tmobile or Verizon.

Sprint has just been bad for us ever since they started the 4G Wimax with HTC Evo.   I remember when it first came out, they called it a 4G fee, now its premium data.  Lies, lies, lies.  Thats another issue.

Hope that helps.  Im just shipping as soon as I can find a good deal on Tmobile Note 2.

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