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Can I downgrade my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 4s?


Can I downgrade my iPhone 5 to an iPhone 4s?


I bought my iPhone 5 from sprint the day it came out. I signed up for a 2 year contract and everything. When buying it i wasnt sure if i wanted the 4s or the 5 becuase i didnt like the height on the 5 for my small hands. I decided to get the 5 and 2 months later i hate it because it is too big for my hands and i want to downgrade to the 4s.

Is it possible for sprint to buyback the iphone 5 and i can buy the iphone 4s without paying an early termination fee or paying full price for the phone? Seeing as how i want to downgrade, not upgrade, they should let me do it.

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