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Freezes after deleting one voicemail


Freezes after deleting one voicemail

I am having trouble deleting voicemail messages. The phone freezes after deleting one voicemail at which time I then have to turn off the phone to unfreeze. FYI - Once the voicemails are deleted I have no issues clearing them all from the deleted voicemail section. I went to the Apple store and they did a hard and soft reset, etc. and they said to contact Sprint to see if there is some sort of communication delay issue between the phone and Sprint voicemail service that is causing the freeze.


Re: Freezes after deleting one voicemail


Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear about this issue you are experiencing. Are you using any kind of 3rd party app for voicemail? Also, have you made sure your device is fully up to date? You can try a service update on your device by dialing ##873283#. Let us know if this helps.


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