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How do I retieve my Sprint order number?

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How do I retieve my Sprint order number?

I recently pre-ordered the iPhone 5 (much like the rest of the world, it seems) and the order went through fine. But, for some reason, I never got an email with my order number. I do remember seeing one on the screen but i can't seem to find it anywhere when I log into Sprint's web site.

Where can i find my order number so I can track my order and why wasn't it automatically emailed to me? I do get email from Sprint when my bill is due so I assumed orders should also be emailed.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Re: How do I retieve my Sprint order number?

I had the same problem. I was charged for the phone as well, but have yet to get any further info. Hoping to hear something by the friday release.


Re: How do I retieve my Sprint order number?

log into your online profile. go under see my bill on the main page. then on the right click see my order history and it should be listd there....starts with oy-shso-#######...then go to ups and track by reference # and put in your acct # only for the tracking info if it's available.


Re: How do I retieve my Sprint order number?

A bit late in replying but thanks for the information. I was able to find the order number and, in fact, this post is being made from my brand new iPhone 🙂


Re: How do I retieve my Sprint order number?

Under "Order History" there is no Order number whatsoever. Not under Billing either. Nowhere.

In Order History, there is only my 9 digit Account number and tbe amount I paid. Bare bones, that's all.

I've been with Sprint for years, so I know how to maneuver my account.

I purchaed the iPhone5 as a Christmas gift and it's very annoying that I cannot track it; even though Sprint was all too happy to take my money.

I called Sprint and of course, the automated system asks for a phone number, not an account number. And because I had a number ported to Sprint, it's not recognizing it yet. So no help via phone.

All this could be settled with an email receipt and/or Order Number.


Re: How do I retieve my Sprint order number?


Thank you for using the Sprint Community to voice your questions and concerns.  I'll be glad to review your account to see if I can find an order number for you.  Would you please send me a private message with your name, account number and security pin and/or answer to the security questions on your account.

To send a private message:

1.  Click on my name (Below my picture)

2.  Select Send a private message (Under Actions on the far right)



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